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"Comments... yeah right"

No Comment.  by OriginalSim

Chuck felt listless and unsatisfied as he drove home to his empty apartment. He felt like stopping at a fast food place - again - and resisted the urge. No sense gaining tons due to a disatisfied and unfulfilled life.

He couldn't remember a thing about this case. Oddly, he was disquieted by that. Usually, they came and went and were solved an no one cared. He didn't necessarily care, but had a nagging feeling that something important had occured. Only he couldn't remember what, exactly. Something about a dead person. Like that was different from any of the other 45 cases this year?

He cancelled his former decision and went to the next fast food drive up. Ordered his usual fatty greasy glop. Just after he paid, and was slipping the car back into drive, the lady at the window cleared her throat loudly.

"Um. Would you care to fill out this comment card on my service, this evening, Sir? I'd really appreciate any feedback."

"Yeah, great. Thanks - uh - no; you done good, but I'm in sort of a hurry."

Chuck slipped the car into drive and, shaking his head and scowling, drove off a little faster than usual.

He parked his car under the carport at his apartment complex. Abe was there, painting all the posts of the car park. "That's weird," Chuck thought, "why the hell is he painting at 7 at night?"

Abe seemed very pleased. "Hey, guy! I'm painting the posts, so watch out for wet paint."

"Yeah, I can see that. Why you working so late?"

"Oh, well, things need doing! Happy to do it! - Uh, if you don't mind, could you just take a moment to fill out this paper - it's sort of a review of how well I'm doing. I'm up for a raise. "

"Sorry, Abe. You do good work, but I'm bushed. Maybe another time, okay?"

What the hell was with people? Couldn't they tell how well they were doing without bugging other people. What am I, judge of mankind? I have my own problems.

He hurried into his apartment and sat down to eat. Just as he was about to bite into the greasy glop, the phone rang.


"Yeah, hi Chuck. Lissen, this is Frank, the apartment manager. I was wondering if you could come in and fill out..."

"Sorry, busy." Click.

"Criminy already! What the hell?" Chuck had suddenly lost his appetite. He decided to watch tv. He sat on the couch and started to remove his shoes. That's when he noticed a piece of paper stuck to his shoe. He detached the paper and looked at it. All it said was:


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Date created: Feb. 24, 2008
Date published: Feb. 24, 2008
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