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Empyrean: The Epic Of Raiden Chapter 4 (Last Part )  by Nyctitropist

 “So then was the story backwards?”

“You would have had to ask him, for yourself.”

“I still can.”


“When I was fighting Cleric he told me what to do to defend myself. He helped me.”

“Then ask him. In order to really find out what happened to Cleric you will have to confront him, but not in your current state. Clearly he can overpower you. You need to increase your skill. You see, what I don’t understand is this. Long ago when I was younger there was an ancient evil said to be around here. At the time I had been studying since my teens to sense auras and power levels. I had also learned how to trap such evil. I didn’t know what his purpose was, but I found him. There was a demon that was disguised as a child. I could see his spirit, but I hid the fact well. He had asked me about where to find some city which I had only heard of in legend. I told him I knew where he would have his questions answered. I didn’t think he would believe me. I thought he would have realized what I was capable of and would have destroyed me, but he followed me there. I led him into the cave and trapped him there with an incantation. I made the incantation so that he could not be released unless the powers of the sun and moon where gathered there and connected to open the door. I think it is irregular that Desian and Hothgard would be the ones to control those weapons, but I guess it somewhat makes sense.”

“They are light and dark though…”

“I know, but for Desian and Hothgard…legendary beings...to be controlling those weapons.”

“Where did our weapons come from anyway?”

“Our time is short Raiden…in due time you will find out everything you need to know. I will send you back now. You must go back to the cave and read whatever was on Cleric’s tablet. That should be enough to find out what Cleric is planning. Remember this…you can talk to me through meditation when ever you need to ask me something, but I am only entitled to tell you what is necessary.”

With these last words, Master Shomuyo disappeared into the light. The white abyss began to ripple, and the color returned.

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Date created: Aug. 4, 2008
Date published: Aug. 4, 2008
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