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"Empyrean: The Epic Of Raiden Chapter 1" -> "Empyrean: The Epic Of Raiden: Chapter 2"

Empyrean: The Epic Of Raiden Chapter 3 (Pt-1-2)  by Nyctitropist

“Well done. Follow me. Your training will begin.”

Master Shomuyo turned and walked out of the room. Raiden jumped off his bed and ran to the door then stopped to wait for Cleric. Cleric stood from his bed and walked to Raiden. The both of them followed Master Shomuyo out of the room. They walked through the long dark hallway past the bathroom to the living room. There was a brown interior to the living room as well as every other room in the house. The white tile floor glistened in the light from the sun that streamed in through the window. There were no electrical appliances there. The fan in Raiden and Cleric’s room was power by the wind that flowed through the house. The living room was empty except for a futon and a Zen garden in the middle that Master Shomuyo used for meditation in the evenings. Master Shomuyo walked out of the front door. Raiden and Cleric followed. Raiden looked into the sunlight as he walked outside, then into the blue sky. The grass was a bright and glistening green that moved with the melody of the wind. Raiden looked back at the sun. He then remembered a technique that Master Shomuyo had taught him and Cleric over the time he had been there. He said… “The sun and moon are the hands of time. The sun moves between the first twelve hours of the day and the moon between the second twelve hours. The sun rises in the east, and sets in the west. That means that in the morning you look for the sun to tell the time. The sun rises at twelve day. The moon rises at twelve night. The hour in which the sun is setting and the moon rising is called twilight. You can separate the horizons into twelve sections to tell time more accurately.” That means it is about one day, Raiden thought to himself. It was very bright for the afternoon. Birds flew from the trees to the sky as the three of them walked along. The branches on the trees that seemed to be a mile high swayed in massive jungle’s cool breeze. The wind was a bit cold, but only enough to cancel the heat and make the air cooler. The three of them walked through the woods stepping over branches and roots as they walked. They walked for about five more minutes. Many trees and turns later, Raiden saw something off to the side.

“Cleric,” Raiden whispered.


“ Do you see that?” Raiden asked pointing to a vine covered opening in a large tree.

“Yeah…what about it?”

“Come on, you can’t honestly say that you’re not the least bit curious what’s inside.”

Cleric looked at Master Shomuyo who continued walking on.

“Shouldn’t we follow him?”

“No…at least not yet. We’ll go in for a second to look around then we’ll leave. Ok?”

Before Cleric could answer, Raiden walked ahead into the cave. Cleric followed him in. The cave was pitch black. There was a cold clammy feeling. Cleric stopped at the first step. Raiden continued in. By his third step, the cave was suddenly illuminated. The clammy feeling then disappeared. Raiden stopped and looked around. Cleric walked further into the cave and stood next to Raiden. The floor was smooth and grey. The roof of the cave was covered in blue crystals. There was a stone door that reached the ceiling at the far end of the cave, and a set of stairs that lead to the door. Then something caught Raiden’s eye.

“Cleric, look.” Raiden said silently.

There at the top of the stairs were two small pillars; one on each side of the door. Floating in front of the door was a yellow orb. The orb temporarily shined brighter at Cleric and Raiden. They were so astonished they just stood and stared at the orb.  The orb then split into two smaller orbs, red and green, which traveled towards each pillar on the sides of the door. The red orb moved to the right side and the green orb moved to the left. Raiden stared at the red orb then began walking towards it. As soon as he took the first step he felt a hand on his shoulder. Raiden looked at the hand on his shoulder. The cave was suddenly dark.

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Date created: Aug. 4, 2008
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