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Empyrean: The Epic Of Raiden Chapter 4 (Pt-2)  by Nyctitropist

He wore a robe like Raiden’s and had the same shoes, only he was a bit taller and his clothes were bigger. His face was pale and half of it was covered by his robe.

“I am Desian,” the man said in a low, deep voice that boomed when he spoke.       Floating next to him was the phantom creature. It has a strange bright yellow symbol on its left hand.

“This is Shinokozuki, a beast unleashed by the Crimson Blades; a deadly weapon; one of the four legendary weapons hidden in this world.” (Shinokozuki is the creature you were informed of earlier.) “You are too weak to be my enemy. I had hope for more of a challenge…not over-kill. I’ve been deceived. I think I will make you my apprentice instead. Come, I will give you a portion of my power.”

With that, Desian raised his hand towards Raiden and a black liquid oozed out of it onto the floor. Then Desian disintegrated into the puddle of darkness leaving only the Crimson Blades behind.

“Take the swords,” Desian instructed.

Raiden walked into the puddle and picked up the swords.

“These are the first of the four legendary weapons. Your father once used these. When he died…I saw him. He wanted to see you grow up. And so I promised him he would. I showed him your life right to the very end. Satisfied with what he saw, he gave me the Crimson Blades. The Atsus have the power to change into these as well, but only with the power I contain. The Atsus are a downgraded form of the Crimson Blades to hide its true form. You father was a master of the true form. For such an unexpected flaw, he paid for his choice. The swords as well as any other magical weapon can be fused to become a stronger weapon, most of the time a lot heavier too. When you picked up these swords, you picked up the burden of your father.”

Suddenly the swords vanished into a red orb that forced its way into Raiden’s chest. The puddle began to work its way up Raiden’s legs. It covered his entire body up to his neck. Raiden took one last glance before it covered his face and the dark world disappeared around him. He wasn’t afraid…There were birds chirping, the sound of rushing wind close by, and a dim light shining in his eyes. Raiden opened his eyes and looked around. He was in his room, on his bed.

“It must have been a dream…but…when did I go to sleep?”

Raiden sat up and looked at the Atsus on the wall. Suddenly the swords turned into the Crimson Blades. Raiden pinched himself and was surprised to see that it hurt. The swords began to blur and wave, and then they disappeared.                        


Raiden quickly leaned over his bed to find that Cleric was not in his bed. Raiden looked around the room.

“Over here,” a distant voice called.

Raiden jumped out of his bed and ran into the living room.


“Outside in the back!” Cleric yelled.

Raiden ran outside and around the house to find Cleric facing the opposite direction.

“You’ll never believe what just happened…” Raiden’s voice faded away.

In Cleric’s hand was a white sword that shined brightly, and next to his feet was a body; the bloody body of Master Shomuyo. Raiden looked at the sword Cleric held. The thick dark red blood dripped from the shining light at the tip of the sword. Raiden stood speechless.

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Date published: Aug. 4, 2008
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