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Empyrean: The Epic Of Raiden Chapter 4 (Pt-1)  by Nyctitropist

They ran into the night at full speed. They ran past the gloomy trees that seemed to groan in the cold wind. There was almost no light. It was very hard to move because they could barely.

see anything; they continued to sprint through the forest. They dodged trees, plant, branches and roots as they headed aimlessly deeper into the forest. A few minutes later they stopped.

“It’s so dark,” Cleric said. “Even if we did know our way there…there’s no way we would have found it in this. It’s nearly impossible to even see anything, not even a cave.”

They walked a little further.

“I think we’re lost,” Cleric said.

“No we’re not, maybe it’s this way,” Raiden said pointing.

“I can’t even tell were you’re pointing!”

The forest was even less lively than when they had entered it. It was just dark and scary now.

“Cleric, what’s that?” Raiden whispered.


“SHHHHHH! Move your head slowly to the left. Those red eyes, do you see it?” Raiden whispered.

“Yeah, what is it, a wild boar?”

“Yes, that’s it. It’s a wild boar with red eyes…” Raiden said sarcastically. 

Suddenly the creature blinked its eyes and an extra set of eyes appeared next to the ones that were already there. Black striped pupils then formed in each of the eyes. The eyes were about two feet from the ground. Cleric and Raiden stared at the eyes too afraid to move. The creature grinned an evil, wide white grin that penetrated the darkness. It started to stand. It drooled a slimy, glossy saliva that burned the ground on contact. The monstrous black monster stood slowly to a height of seven feet breathing heavily. Cleric and Raiden still stood trembling and watched. The monster looked at them and blinked its four eyes starting with the outer ones then the inner ones. The monster raised its arms outward and took a deep breath. It looked at them then with a powerful breath roared so strongly that it knocked Cleric and Raiden backwards and out of their trance. They flew about ten feet backwards before then hit the ground. Raiden jumped up and grabbed Cleric who sat on the ground looking at the monster.

“RUN!” Raiden screamed.

Cleric stood and began to run alongside Raiden in the opposite direction. Cleric and Raiden ran through the woods as fast as they could to escape the monster. The ground shook violently with each step the monster took. It ran on all fours burning the ground as it gained. Within ten massive steps the monster was right behind them. The creature stood now running on two feet as it raised its arm. With a powerful stroke it swung its arm at Cleric. Both Raiden and Cleric randomly tripped over nothing and flipped into the air. The monster barely missed him, but cut his arm. They fell back down and rolled into a dark hole. They continued to fall until they finally hit a hard floor. As they hit the floor there was a light that illuminated their surroundings. They were in the cave again.

“W-w-what was that, Raiden?” Cleric said grabbing his arm.

“I-I—” Raiden said still dazed.

Suddenly the two orbs appeared on both sides of the door as they had before. Without thinking, both Cleric and Raiden stood.

“We’re here now…let’s go.” Raiden said.

They walked up the steps and stood in front of the orb that they wanted. They looked at each other, then back at the orbs. Raiden looked into the orb. There was something behind it; a small tablet. He read it to himself. The moon awaits the arrival of he who wishes to harness the power of darkness and conquer all, take the orb. No light will overcome you, nor will darkness consume you. He who controls the dark…controls fear and death. Raiden thought for a moment about the monster that had chased them into the cave. If I had the power of darkness…I wouldn’t be afraid of what’s in it; and the power over all? That would give me the power and skill needed to avenge my parents. No one would have to die…except, those who killed my parents. Raiden reached out and grabbed the orb. The light from the orb shined in his eyes. Everything grew bright, and then turned dark. When he could see again there was a man standing clearly in the dark holding two thick curved swords in each hand; their color was similar to the Atsus, only a bit darker. His eyes were red like Raiden’s, only they glowed. The man had long black hair that went a little past his shoulders.
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Date created: Aug. 4, 2008
Date published: Aug. 4, 2008
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