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Empyrean: The Epic Of Raiden Chapter 1  by Nyctitropist

    He opened his eyes. It was a lot brighter than it usually was. After a minute or so his eyes finally adjusted. For a moment he stared into the light above his head. It was a rectangular light that was a lot different than the ones he was use to. He sat up in his bed and looked around the room. There was something wrong. In his nose was a tube that seemed to be controlling his breathing and smaller tubes and wires connected to his body. Beginning to panic he grabbed at the tubes and wires and pulled them off. Now he took a closer look; he was in a light blue room wearing a white gown with teal spots on it. Next to the bed a machine beeped a long high pitched sound. 

*                      *                        *

“And then he put on the gloves and said, ‘There’s no time for lubricant I’m going in,’ and he shoved his hand all the way in such a tight area and pulled the apple right out of his throat! It was incredible!” the nurse explained to her fellow workers.

“Oh, come now, it was incredible but I can’t really take all of the…you know his life was on the line, and you know…I just couldn’t…I just couldn’t let him go so I said to myself ‘Mitchell’ I said, ‘It’s now or never’. Then I just looked at Martha with tears in my eyes—”

“Actually you didn’t—” Martha interrupted.

“Quiet Martha I’m telling the story...So then I just looked at her, and I said ‘Martha, if I don’t come back—”

Paging Doctor Mitchell there is an emergency in room 623 Doctor Mitchell there is an emergency in room 623.”

*                      *                        *

    In a moment four people all dressed in the same clothes ran into the room. They stopped at the door and stared at the boy in shock.

“Where am I?” the boy asked.

“Uh…Well. Ok, you’re at the Florida Hospital,” said the first man.


“You were found a year ago in perfect health in the woods near Avalon. We have no real information besides that.”  

“What? I have no idea of what to think right now,” The boy said.

“You were in a coma for a little over a year. No one ever came to visit you, so we don’t know much more about you than that,” said the other person behind him.

“We are just doctors; we really can’t help you that much,” said the first man. “We can give you the clothes we found you in. There was a picture of you in it. Maybe that will help you. Go get his clothes,” he instructed to another doctor.

    A moment later the doctor came back holding a faded pair of black shoes and a matching robe. The doctor handed him the clothes.

“You seem ok…somewhat. I’m going to hand you over to the police so they can help you ok?” the doctor asked.


    The doctors left the room after glancing one last time at the boy. The boy looked down at the clothes and stood out of his bed. He turned to the beeping machine and unplugged it. He took off the clothes he was wearing and put on the robe. It felt comfortable, and somehow familiar. He rubbed his hands over the soft material. The robe was somewhat like a suit. It is put on like a shirt, but has a very baggy pair of pants sewn into it. The boy reached down and picked up the shoes. He sat on the bed and put on the shoes. He stood and took a few steps around the room. The shoes were just as soft and comfortable as the robe. He sat back down on the bed and reached into his pocket. He pulled out the picture the doctors spoke of. On the back of the picture was a name. Raiden Simuriani. On the front was a portrait of him facing himself; in each of his hands were a sword. They were identical in both size and color. The boy stared at the picture thinking of the possibilities. Is this really me? Why can’t I remember anything? Who am I? Just then another man opened the door and walked in.

“Raiden, could you come with me?” he asked.

“Raiden,” the boy said to himself as he looked at the picture again then returned it to his pocket. He stood and walked to the door where the man stood.

“I’m Officer Shirley, but feel free to can me Sam. That picture you have there…we didn’t know what to think of it, or why you were found in a forest. It doesn’t seem that you’ve committed any crimes, so you’re free to go. The only bit of information we could find is that your name is indeed Raiden Simuriani, and that you have your own estate…Strange as it sounds you are a very rich boy; but that’s the problem. How is it that you have so much money that seemed to come out of no where? Anyway, that’s all we know. We have been told to just take you there and let you return to your life there. Maybe you’ll find something to help you with your memory…but if you need any help, feel free to call me,” Sam instructed.

“Ok,” Raiden said. The two of them walked down to the lobby of the hospital.

“Are you hungry Raiden?” Sam asked.

“A little,” Raiden answered.

    They walked past the service desk and down the hall. Above their heads there was a sign. It read ‘Radiology’ and had an arrow pointing to the left. Under that word was the word ‘Cafeteria’ with an arrow to the right. They walked around the corner to the right and to the next left was a buffet with many breakfast selections.  

“Go ahead and get what you want,” Sam said pulling out his wallet and walking to the counter to pay.

    Raiden walked to the table and picked up a plate. He walked to the first thing which was scrambled eggs. He picked up the large spoon and put some eggs on his plate. The next thing in line was bacon and sausages. Raiden picked a few pieces of bacon and two sausages and walked away from the food. He walked over to a machine that had drinks in it and opened the door. He looked at the not very wide selection. There was orange juice, apple juice, milk, and blue raspberry juice. Raiden picked up a blue raspberry juice and closed the door. He turned to Sam who walked away smiling from the clerk. He was holding in his hands a bag with the words ‘Dunkin Donuts’ on its side.

“Ready?” Sam asked.

“Yeah,” Raiden said.

    The two of them walked back through the hallway and out of the hospital.

“That car right there is mine,” Sam said pointing to a white truck.      

“That truck?” Raiden asked.

“Yeah,” Sam said as they walked towards the truck.

“Do you know where I live?” Raiden asked.

“Yeah, I had to be briefed on the situation before I could even come to get you. They gave me the location to take you to and told me to keep in touch,” Sam explained.

    They reached the truck. Raiden walked to the passenger side. Sam opened his door and sat down in the chair; he reached over and pressed a button near the window. The doors unlocked and Raiden opened his door and sat down closing the door behind him. Sam pulled a pair of keys out of his pocket and turned on the truck. The truck pulled out of the parking space and went towards the street. Sam put on his turning signals and went left. They drove for a while. It was very quiet in the truck. Raiden stared out of the window at the passing trees. Sam looked over at him.

“You could turn on some music if you want.”


“You do know what that is right?”

“Yeah, but I don’t think I know any songs.”

“You don’t have to know the words; just listen.”

“I suppose so.”

    Saying this, Raiden suddenly flashed back. He was standing in a forest. He was staring straight ahead at nothing. He tried to move but couldn’t. He was in his body, but couldn’t control his movements. In his hands were two crimson colored swords, the ones from the picture. Suddenly out of the trees came a giant ogre. It smashed the tree next to it and growled. The ogre jumped into the air at Raiden who in turn jumped towards it. He felt his heart beat getting faster as he got closer to the monster. He raised his swords above his head and put his hands together. The swords then connected and made a larger and much heavier sword. He then swung the sword down slicing the ogre in half. As he landed, he pulled his hands apart and the sword shrunk back to its regular size in both hands.

“Was that the last one?” a soft voice asked from behind him.

“I suppose so,” Raiden answered turning.

“I have some CD’s you can go through if you want,” Sam said.

“What?” Raiden asked.

Suddenly he was back in his seat.

“I said you could look through those CD’s there,” he said pointing to a case on the dashboard.

    Raiden looked at it for a moment. 


    He opened the case and looked through the CD’s. There was one CD that caught his eye. It was white with red letters and a cross. It had the words ‘My Chemical Romance’ in big letters and under it in smaller letters it said ‘Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge’. He pulled it out of the case and put it into the CD player. The first song started playing. Raiden sat back and listened to the melody. In the time it took for the CD to end they had made it to a big house on a lot of land. The house was white and had a very luxurious feel to it. There were statues, fountains, a tennis courts, and screened in pools all visible from the outside. There were no trees around so it wasn’t impossible to see everything that wasn’t behind the house. Sam drove around the fountain following the pathway to the steps in of the front door. Raiden got out of the car and closed the door.

“Ok. Here’s where we part, Raiden” Sam said.

“Remember, if you need anything at all. Don’t hesitate to call, ok?”

“Ok,” Raiden answered.

    Sam smiled and drove away. Raiden walked to the door and turned. He watched the white truck until it was out of sight. Raiden sighed and turned. He looked at the doorknob. He turned it and opened the door. He walked inside and the first thing he saw was a red carpet leading to an elevator. On each side of the elevator was a stair case that swirled up to the second floor and another set of stairs stemming off of the second floor to the third floor. Raiden walked to the elevator and reached his hand out to touch the cold steel.

“Wow, is this all mine?”

    Raiden walked up the stairs to the right and looked down a hall. The hall was very wide so it didn’t seem as constricting as most halls do. He walked down the hall and into the first door on the right. Inside the room was a jungle paradise-like atmosphere. It was almost uncomfortably warm, but to cancel that, there was a lagoon like Jacuzzi of crystal clear water. The water flowed from a water fall that steamed from the top of one of the trees. The water then flowed from there into a larger pool. Raiden walked over to the water and put his hand in. the water was cool but not too cold.

“No way…”

    Raiden stood and walked to the door taking one last look before closing the door behind him. He continued down the hall where he saw another door on the left. He reached down and grabbed the door knob not knowing what he would find behind the door. He opened the door and walked in. To his surprise…it was a restroom. Disappointed, Raiden walked out and closed the door.

“Spacious though.”

    He walked down the hall where he found another stair case. He walked down the stairs and looked around. It was much like the entrance, but obviously different. He walked to the elevator and pressed the button. Immediately the door opened. Raiden walked into the elevator and the door closed. There were no buttons on the wall. The ground was red carpet like the one at the entrance and the walls were silver. The walls looked as if it were red then faded to silver due to the reflection of the carpet. Raiden stared confused for a moment at what to do.

“Welcome Master Raiden,” spoke an elegant voice. “Where would you like to go?”

“…I don’t know,”

“Would you like some suggestions?”


“The kitchen?”

    Raiden thought about it for a second.

“I am a little hungry still despite the fact that I ate only a half hour ago.”

“Then to the kitchen it is.”

    The door opened and Raiden stepped out. This area of the house looked very different from what he was used to so far. There was a counter and a television in front of it. Raiden turned around and was surprised to see that the elevator had disappeared.

“Where did the elevator go?” Raiden asked himself out loud. Just then the wall opened and the elevator was back.

“Did you request my services Master Raiden?”

“Oh, no, I was just wondering where you went.”

“No worries then, when you wish I will be ready,” the elevator said as the walls closed again. Raiden walked to the counter and sat in one of the four chairs that where there.

“What would you like to eat Master Raiden?”

“Uh…I…what would you recommend?” Raiden asked getting used to his appliances talking to him.

“Well since it is only a little past breakfast time I would suggest a cheeseburger and French fries. Will that due?”


    Within a few seconds a hole opened on the counter and a silver platter of food appeared. Raiden picked up a French fry and put it in his mouth.

“Hey…” Raiden said.

“Yes?” the kitchen said.

“Do you know much about me?”

“Or course, we are programmed to provide you with all your necessities therefore we must know everything about you.”

“But do you know about my past?”

“Your past, sir?”

“Yes, where I came from…”

“A little…”

“When where you programmed?”

“I don’t know.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know.”

    Raiden pulled the picture out of his pocket and put it on the table.

“Can you see this?”

“Of course.”

    A metal arm stretched out from the wall and picked up the picture.

“This is you, sir?”

“Yes, but I need to know about why or when that was taken.”

“Maybe that room…”

“What room?”

“You can’t get to it through the elevator.”

“How can I get to it?”

“It is on the left side of the estate. It is the only room that has no electricity. So I can’t say I know exactly where it is.”

“Then how do you know it is there?”

“I have been programmed with only enough information to know that.”

“Ok then. Thanks for the information.”

“The elevator can transport you to the entrance from here Master Raiden.”

    Raiden picked up the picture and put it back into his pocket. Then he picked up the platter and stood. Still eating, he walked to the wall.

“Ummm…open?” Raiden said as he chewed on a piece of his cheeseburger.

    The wall opened and Raiden stepped into the elevator.

“Where to?”

“I want to go to the left side of the estate.”

“How far?”

“…Well, just to the entrance.”

“Are you leaving?”

“No, I’m just going to look for the room.”

“Ok, Master Raiden.”

    With that the door opened and Raiden walked out. He took another bite of his cheeseburger and turned to the right. He walked up the stairs and turned left. Suddenly he stopped. If there are three floors in this place, how am I supposed to know which floor this room is on? He thought. Raiden walked down the hall and opened the first door he saw which was on the right. Inside was a living room. It had the same luxurious feel to it as the rest of the house. Raiden closed the door and continued to walk down the hall. He picked up a few fries in his hand and put them in his mouth. One fell and hit the floor. Just then a hole opened in the wall and small robot that moved on wheels came out.

“Good morning, Master Raiden, I’ll get that for you.”

    The robot picked up the fry with a claw-like arm. A little spot opened on its back and the robot dropped the fry into it. The robot then began to go back into its hole in the wall.

“Wait!” Raiden yelled.

The robot turned to face Raiden.

“Yes, Master Raiden?”

“Can you get into every room in this house?”

“Yes I can, Master Raiden.”

“Have you been in the room with no electricity?”

“No, I have never been in that room.”

 “Oh, ok then.” Raiden said and started walking away.

“Would you like to know where it is, Master Raiden?”

“I thought you said you haven’t been in it.”

“I did. I have been there, but never in it. Far too much dust for my systems to handle; It would spell my termination if I tried to clean it.”

“So then, where can I find it?”

“That room is on the second floor. It is the seventh door on the right, in the left hallway.”

    Raiden repeated the directions in his head.

“Where’s the nearest place to find the elevator?” Raiden asked.

“You requested my presence, Master Raiden?”

    Raiden turned around to see the elevator. He turned back to thank the little robot, but it had already returned to its hole. Raiden shrugged his shoulders and walked into the elevator.

“Where to?”

“The second floor.” Raiden said taking another bite of his cheeseburger.

    The door opened and Raiden walked out. He looked to his right, then to his left and began walking down the hall.

“One,” Raiden counted as he passed the first door.


    Raiden stopped as he reached the seventh door. Unlike the rest of the house, this door was wooden and looked as if time wasn’t very generous towards it. There was no door knob, just a piece of weathered wood with enough holes to see a light flicker from inside the room.

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