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Empyrean: The Epic Of Raiden Chapter 4 (Pt-4)  by Nyctitropist

“Raiden…you should have stayed in bed. It would have been that much easier to die in your sleep, but you had to fight back. You brought this on yourself…you and Grandpa.”

After saying this, Cleric raised his hand and pointed his finger at Raiden. He said something in a in a strange language. A tiny green orb formed at the tip of his finger. Raiden felt his body regaining strength and felt it ready to explode. The green orb separated itself from Cleric’s finger and moved slowly towards Raiden.

“I believe that Desian’s power now belongs to me,” Cleric said as he turned and walked towards the Crimson Blades.

As he reached for them, the green orb exploded in a light as great as the first flash. Raiden’s power exploded with the orb’s canceling the effect but leaving Raiden defeated. Raiden felt his energy quickly fading. He started to feel unconscious and cold. The last thing he could remember was the voice. It wasn’t Cleric’s, Desian’s, his, or Master Shomuyo’s. It only said four words to his. We will meet again. After hearing this, everything went dark and Raiden lay motionless in a crater from where the two powers collided. The last thought’s he had were: Why did Cleric kill Master Shomuyo? How did he get so strong? When? What did that orb do to him? Why was he so evil now? How did he know about Desian and the Crimson Blades? Am I dying? Is this what it I like? Where will I go? Who is Hothgard? What seemed like the most important question at the time was: Meet who?

“Raiden, wake up.”

It was a familiar voice, but Raiden couldn’t quite recognize it. Raiden opened his eyes but only saw light. He was lying on his back. Raiden looked around twice; by the second time he saw Master Shomuyo. He appeared to be standing, but he was below Raiden. Then his position changed to horizontal. By now Raiden assumed that there was ground, but didn’t know who was standing on it. He floated up to Raiden till his feet were lined with Raiden’s back. Master Shomuyo now stood at the same level as Raiden and began walking closer to him. Raiden stood up.

“You were—”

“Yes, I know,” Master Shomuyo said. “I am dead now.”

“Does that mean that I’m dead?”

“I will send you back…I was given the sight of what happened to you two. You and Cleric have stumbled upon a power greater than you can understand, let alone control. From what I have seen, you found the cave. I stopped you…I should have know that it was too late.”

“What was too late?”

“There is an ancient entity that wants to destroy this world. I can tell you no more than that.”

“Why didn’t you just tell us?”

“You would have become curious…but I suppose that it was fate. There was nothing I could do to stop this from happening. In the cave… there was a light and orbs. That I didn’t see when I stopped you.”

“Oh, yeah…you said something, but I didn’t catch it. What was it?”

“Nothing important. Then I took you to the training grounds where you saw the orbs again. That night you snuck out of the house. You went to the woods…and that’s all I saw. Did something happen in the woods?”

“Yes, I saw a pair of red eyes, so I told Cleric to see if he saw the same thing and he did. The thing stood up. We didn’t know what it was but it had an evil smile that we could easily see, and two extra eyes. It chased us through the woods. We were already lost, but I didn’t want to admit that to Cleric. Eventually, somehow, we tripped and rolled into a hole. When we landed we were in the cave. We just wanted the orbs…I don’t know what happened. The orbs showed up…I went to the red one and Cleric to the green one. I grabbed mine after reading a tablet behind it that said something about the moon waiting for me and that I could conquer all with darkness. No light would be able to stop me and no darkness would consume me…that’s exactly what I wanted. I could avenge my parents…so I took it, and everything went bright then dark. I met a man with pale skin and long black hair. His eyes were red like mine, but brighter. He said something about being deceived and that I would become his apprentice. He told me a bit about my father who used the weapons he gave me.”

“The Crimson Blades,” Master Shomuyo said.

“How do you know about them?”
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