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Brother's Keeper: Jamal  by Nigel-Valentine

"Damn it..." Pope Peter immediately asked the Lord's forgiveness, though he had mostly lost his faith at this point.

His fingers twitched as he tried to insert the key into the door.  The door that his brother had been locked in.  Which made him wonder...How had his brother escaped?  It's not like there was any way to open the door from the inside...Right?


It opened.  Peter rushed inside to find his brother lying calmly against the wall.  His black hair dangled around his eyes, exposing his soul for what it truly was.

Dark.  Morbid.  No longer what one would call human.

"Why?" Peter asked in a gasp for air.

"Why?" his brother repeated.  He laughed.  "For God's sake, why do you think!  Are you really that ignorant, Pope Peter, the fifteenth?  You must realize that I'm aware of what you plan on doing."

"I only plan on saving a man's life!" Peter shouted.  "Please, brother!  You must understand...You must," he pleaded.


"Yes, we are brothers!  So, please, I beg of you!  Do you truly wish something so horrible upon Jamal?"

"Brother," he repeated again.  "It's always, 'brother' with you..."

"Listen to me!" Peter shouted.  "If you don't give me the document--"

"What!" the dark haired one interrupted.  "Oh, I see...you fear that Jamal...You fear that he'll become like me..."


"Shut up, holy one."  He scoffed at the sight of the so called great pope that stood before him.  "I see no reason to assist you.  You are not without sin.  You look at me as if I am some demon...Yet you..."

He paused, searching for the right words to say.

"Listen, I can't let Jamal--" Peter started.

"Can't let Jamal be eaten away like I was!" the brother lashed out.  "You're to blame for what I am...Yet, you stand here, preaching about what is right and wrong.  You can't even speak my name.  No, I wonder...Do you even remember my name?  Do you even remember your own brother's name?"

"I don't have time for games!  Do you understand me?  Just give me the..."  The pope froze and became utterly silent.

Suddenly, it was as if time, itself, froze.  The brother's skin brushed against the pope's.  The cold, bitter feeling of his body creeped it's way into Peter's soul.

"Soon, even Jamal will see you for what you truly are," the brother said as he passed Peter.  "Until then...why don't you rot in here...just like you left me to do."

And with those words, the metal door shut with a thud.  The pope was locked away.  There was no escape that he knew of.  Not until his brother returned.  And next time, Jamal would be there as well, with that same  soulless look in his eyes and that same cold texture in his voice.

Soon, Jamal and his brother would be the same. 

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  'Brother's Keeper: Jamal' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: Sept. 22, 2009
Date published: Sept. 22, 2009
Comments: 9
Tags: church, controversy, pope, secret
Word Count: 667
Times Read: 506
Story Length: 4
Children Rank: 3.7/5.0 (3 votes)
Descendant Rank: 0.0/5.0 (7 votes)