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The Magic Forest  by Netnet

Four and half years old, Billy Bob was sitting on his bedroom floor playing with his math box cars and trucks. Mother Earth brought him many delightful adventures .


There was the sky light, that shown down into his bedroom ceiling, he had a bedroom closet that lead to a Magic Forest; However, his Grandfather had warned him not to go in there alone. He obeyed his grandfather


Many time he had heard his grandmother say that he “lapsed into a senile foolish old man” but he saw it all for him self the galactic spider huge flying bees, the monkeys, the chip monks


How could grandma say such stuff, how could she even think such stuff. He wanted to say something in his grandfather defense, However, he was told that children should mind their manners.


“Hay hay.” whats the matter? He told his Grandfather everything. “Do you remember what I told you.

He nodded his head. They went to get Grandma point of view


“but we saw it for ourselves.


“Listen child,” you have many teachers in life.” and with that he lighten up a bit.


“Grandma why do you think its all foolishness he wanted to know.

“Your next birthday you are going to five and you be in real school, which is less than six month away

do you have library card? do you know abcs,?do you know how to spell your own name? Now he knew

she was saying he would behind


“will” said his mother “Why don't we take a trip to the library.”The five of them got ready. Billy Bob, looked for book on huge bugs and he found it. He showed his parents, then he showed his grandmother

then he showed his grandfather.


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Date created: Jan. 9, 2011
Date published: Jan. 9, 2011
Comments: 0
Tags: action, adventures
Word Count: 516
Times Read: 534
Story Length: 2
Children Rank: 2.9/5.0 (1 votes)