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Midnight Wishes - Chapter Four  by MsBeccaBunny

Around seven o' clock the next morning, I once again heard a knock at my door. I dropped the clothes I had been packing and went to answer the door. On the other side was none other than Darius, a goofy smile plastered on his face.

He peered around me and frowned. "You aren't ready to go yet?" I walked back over to my suitcase, now just throwing clothes in at random. "No, and I probably won't be at this rate." I scowled, trying to shove stuff into my already crowded suitcase.

"Here let me help you." Darius' voice sounded right next to my ear. I jumped out of my skin, not realizing he had made his way across the room. "No…I think I've got it." I grunted, failing again at trying to close the suitcase.

He raised an eyebrow at me, and I stepped back in defeat. "Go ahead, see if you can do any better." He flashed me a quick grin, stepped up to the suitcase, and with one palm holding it down, he efficiently closed the suitcase.

I just stared at him in disbelief. He turned towards me, "Wipe that look off of your face, we have to get going."

Darius and I sat in the car, cruising down a highway. I had long since rolled down the windows, since the car had no air-conditioning. How Darius got to drive, is a very odd story. I'm not even sure how he won the argument.

Darius and I had just finished packing things into the trunk of my car, and he had insisted that he drive. I had stubbornly held onto the keys and he had started to walk towards me, his hand outstretched. "No way." I said, a hint of anger in my voice.

He reached further towards me and grabbed me by the waist. His other hand reached me and started to mercilessly tickle me. Darius kept telling me it would stop if I gave him the keys. I held onto my will for another five minutes before I gave in, tears rolling down my face from laughing so hard. I had glared at him, but said nothing more about it.

And now here we are, the only sound coming from either of us was the steady sound of our breathing. It was starting to become a little too quiet for my liking, so I reached towards the dashboard and cranked up my Bruno Mars CD.

Darius simply looked at me, "Bruno Mars' Marry Me?" I nodded, a little jerkily because that wasn't the song I had wanted to play, especially with him in the car. "Great song." He mumbled, noticing the blush on my cheeks.

The rest of the ride continued mostly in silence, we only stopped once to get something to eat and to take a restroom break. By the time we had crossed into Washington and onto Seattle, I had fallen asleep.

Darius gently shook my shoulder, "Jade. Jade. Jade!" I bolted straight up. I had been dreaming the most wonderful dream about…….um never mind. I rubbed my eyes, wiping the sleep from them. "We're here sleepy-head." He chuckled at the disgruntled look I gave him.

I blinked for several moments before gluing myself to the window, the city-lights bright in the darkness. The streets were still pretty crowded, even though it was getting close to eight at night.

"We should probably check into a hotel." Darius mumbled. I shrugged, "I already have reservations at the Holiday Inn, what about you?" He looked sheepishly at me, "I don't have anywhere to stay."

I froze for a moment, realizing that meant he would have to stay with me, and there was only one queen sized bed. After all I couldn't let him sleep outside when there was a perfectly cozy hotel room that I had. I sighed and told him so. He cheered up instantly.

We drove to the hotel, Darius was thanking me the whole way. We checked in, brought our luggage up to the room, and set about unpacking.

Darius looked at the single bed in the room, "It looks like I'll be sleeping on the couch." I glanced at him, afraid to ask. "Do you want to share the bed, I don't mind." I knew I was testing the waters now, and was I, flirting with him in some weird way?

He considered my offer for a second before smiling. "You really are too good to me." My cheeks flamed, and that was exactly the reaction Darius was looking for.

He stretched and yawned saying that driving all day had exhausted him. He stretched out on the bed, fully clothed, and fell asleep within minutes. Had he even brought a suitcase? I wondered to myself. I shook my head and sauntered to the bathroom, grabbing a complementary bath robe on the way.

I think that a nice long shower will do me good, and then I can go ahead and get some sleep too. What was weird is I was starting to warm up to Darius, and I was pretty sure a little flirting was involved today.

After my shower I towel dried my hair and put my comfiest shorts and tee shirt on and slipped under the warm covers. I glanced over at the sleeping man next to me, how could he manage to look so peaceful and angelic in his sleep? I almost slapped myself for even thinking such things. I really needed to get my mind off of him, but first I have to get rid of him. And despite my best efforts, I still fell asleep with one person on my mind, Darius.

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Date created: May 5, 2011
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