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stoneheart chapter 3 part 2  by Marykm
            Jade had dressed in Levi’s and a grey-blue t-shirt. She wore pink flip-flops (or slippers) and carried her cell phone in her right jeans pocket. In the left pocket were a few sticks of sugar-free gum. The secretary at the front desk had her wait in a small chair. At seeing Jade’s nervousness, the secretary laughed and said, “Don’t be so nervous! On the phone they seemed without a doubt in their minds. Oh, and the man coming in to see you has a son.” Jade relaxed a bit. It would be cool to have a brother. She would have somebody to actually do things with. Maybe like a close friend. In about fifteen minutes, the secretary received an IM from the family. They had situated themselves in the “interview” room. The secretary said, “You can go in. They are there.” Jade opened the door and stepped inside.
            Inside the room were the extremely muscular Jez and “Jake,” the name that Leo had chosen for his fake identity. His mask was made to match a blonde haired, blue eyed boy.      He had no regrets, not a drop of shame running through him. The door slowly opened and Jade stepped in. Jez quickly stepped up to say hello.                                                               “Hello, Jade. My name is Jez. This is my son Jake. We’re glad to meet you!” Jez said. There was no need to hide his name; Jade had not yet met him.                                                                 Jade smiled back and shook hands with both him and “Jake.” Jez looked somewhat familiar. She didn’t seem to remember Jake, though. She said, “I’m glad to be here. How has your day been?” With that said, the three launched into a long conversation. Leo/Jake didn’t have to fight hard to hide his identity. Jez hadn’t any information to spill.                                                  Somehow the conversation led to music. “So, what music do you listen to, Jade?” asked Jez. Jade thought about it.                                                                                                                         “I actually like classical sometimes. I also listen to jazz,” Jade replied. Jez nodded.                                    Then Leo/Jake said without much consideration, “Well that would make sense. You do, after all, play the piano.” Suddenly Jade’s stare went on him.                                                               “What?” she asked, more like a rhetorical question. Leo/Jake then realized what he had just done. She never told Jake that. She told Leo. “I never told you that. I never met you. How did you know…?” Jade then put two and two together. “And Jez, you look familiar. I saw you the other day… At the mall, where I told Leo about…” She then saw a crease in Jake’s skin. A mask!                                                                                                                                                  Jez was ready to spring into action when and if necessary. Jade shouted, “Who are you! No, you can’t be! What’s going on?” She leaped forward and ripped off the mask that Leo was wearing. “No! This isn’t happening! What do you want, anyway!?” she exclaimed, heading for the door to escape Jez. He sped in front of her, blocking her path.                                                              He felt sorry for her right then. She looked like she thought she was going to die. She probably did think that. He had been trained by the best, trained to have no hesitation. He pinched her on a pressure point until she fell unconscious. It hurt her, but not as much as it would’ve knocking her out any other way.                                                                                                   Leo took a moment to be sarcastic. “That went well, do you not think so, Jez?” he said. Then he was serious again. “We cannot successfully exit through the main entrance without being spotted. The air vents are not likely to hold up our weight. There are no windows. And the holes for electric plugs would kill us, even if they wouldn’t; it is not a large enough space for you, Jez. And a security camera is getting this feed. A good thing we wore skin-like gloves to protect our identity. What we must do,” Leo said with a shudder. “is enter through the Water drain.” The building leaked and needed a place for the water. The cement floor sloped to the grate and drain. For some odd reason it was enormous. Leo reasoned that it was most likely because the roof was older than most would think.                                                                                           Jez produced a screwdriver from his coat pocket and unscrewed the drain cage. Obviously the police were on their way. Unfortunately for them, Jez had stopped the feed to the camera before they hopped down the drain. He made it look as if they had never been there and left, not even a trace of a foot or fingerprint.                                                                               It wasn’t over. They had to fly to the four stories house on a 1,000 acre estate. Leo’s house was easily 12,000 square feet. He had made accommodations for Jade and the other magical prisoner. There was no chance of either one escaping. At least the captivity rooms were filled with calming nature. If Leo wanted information, he had to ease the stress of the creatures. It had worked on the other one. What was her name? Oh yes, it was Selena. She was quite a pill, especially when trying to get information, Thought Leo.             When Jade awoke, she was on a modern, tan-white couch in a private airplane. What was happening? These things never occurred in normal people’s lives. And Jade was pretty sure she was normal. On a couch identical to the one Jade was on sat the smug Leo and Jez. Jade became alert. She jumped up.                                                                                                                “What have you done? What do you want with me?” Jade shrieked, angry that she had been tricked.                                                                                                                                                    Leo decided it would be best for scientific studies not to tell her of her abilities for a while. He spoke calmly and soothingly, yet with a know-it-all intimidating edge. “I won’t hurt you. I won’t hurt you intentionally, anyway. You are a part of an elaborate and intricately detailed scheme. I shall let you know my conditions for this position…” Leo began to say.                                Jade abruptly interrupted. She said, “Conditions?  You say this as if I had a choice in the matter!” She glanced at his eyes. “Do I have a choice in the matter, Leo?”                                                            Leo was quick enough though he almost hesitated. “No, you do not. I shall reward you for services under me. These are my conditions: No being shall know about you. You cannot leak information, though I will try my best to keep you out of a situation where you could tell anyone about this. I will give you education. That much is easy. Be prepared to work harder than ever before, though. Jez will keep you physically fit. This also benefits me, for I need you to be fit for the illegal plans we will carry out,” he said.                                                                                “You have the wrong person. I will not comply with any illegal or deceiving schemes, unless they are in my favor and not yours,” Jade stated bluntly.                                                                      Leo scowled at the interruption. “You should put into use the manners I know you have. Don’t disrupt me. You have to live with me for a long time now; we should agree, should we not? Yes, I chose to inform you that we will perform illegal tasks. You will find that I do lie. In this instance I chose to use the truth. Now will you please keep your mouth closed for one minute while I tell you the circumstances? Thank you. I will not totally hide you away from social activity. We will often go to busy towns and cities. This does not mean that nobody is watching you. If you try to escape in the bathroom or some ridiculous thing along those lines, remember that I have female contacts that could keep you away from windows and air vents,” Leo said. Jade could have strangled him, but Jez didn’t look like someone you would want to test.                                                                                                                                                                      Jade turned over and tried to go to sleep on the couch. She couldn’t take this stress. Then she looked out the window. She was scared again. “Where are we going? You can at least explain that to me, Leo,” she said.                                                                                                                    Leo sighed at having to explain more to this girl. She just couldn’t be silent. “My house is on a Pacific island, dear child. We are going there. Oh, and there is a girl there a few years older than you. She is the only other captive. And yes, I used the word captive. I’m sure you did in your own mind already, so do not be offended.”                                                                                            Jade tried to annoy him, just to get back at him. “Do you have like mental issues or something? Don’t you have any friends to hang out with right now? It is Saturday,” Jade bitterly said. Leo was not phased, but rather amused.                                                                                      “You seem to want a verbal battle, and this one I can easily win. I would appreciate if you would stop talking now,” Leo said calmly. Jez was enjoying this moment. It was always amusing when one attempted to defy Leo.                                                                                                         “I really dislike you, Leo. But I must admit, you are an excellent actor. I want food now. Give me food, Leo,” Jade said. She had dropped all manners she had known just to annoy Leo. He seemed somewhat irritated, but not enough to satisfy her.                                                              “We are eating dinner as soon as we return to your new home. You may have a piece of fruit or water. Other than that, I refuse to comply with your wishes,” Leo said.                                      Jade groaned. “Don’t you have any candy or something?” she complained.                                    Leo rolled his eyes. “Why not have a look at the menu yourself, Jade? It is right here,” He said. He sighed again.                                                                                                                              Jade scowled and stood up. She stomped over to the other couch and sat down in between Jez and Leo. She read the menu. It listed these foods and drinks: water, milk, apples, bananas, strawberries, oranges and pears. She looked up at Leo. She pinched him on the shoulder.                                                                                                                                                        “How very immature of you, Jade. You honestly pinch hard. I’d rather you not do such things. Jez, could you do something about her?” Leo said impatiently. Jez pinched Jade on the shoulder, for fun. He gave a look that said ‘that is about all I can do for you in this situation’. Leo sighed and closed his eyes. He shook his head slowly. He had woken up early this morning and was not happy about it. He didn’t need this annoying girl to act as such a nuisance.                          “I want to lay down now. Can I have a pillow? And I want an apple and some milk. Make sure it’s a Granny Smith apple, okay, Leo? Oh and I really want some…” Leo couldn’t take it anymore. He covered her mouth, and before she could react Jez had her hands held together. Jade kicked and bit Leo’s hand. He gave a disgusted look and pulled away.                                                         “You are a very odd creature, aren’t you? Jez, I can’t even hear myself think. Can you get her to be silent? Use that drug we had just in case Selena acted up when we took her to the island. Jade, you just don’t know when to stop. Don’t worry, this drug won’t affect you in any bad way,” Leo said. Jez restrained the wide-eyed girl while Leo fetched a syringe. He put on rubber gloves and prepared it. He walked back over to Jade, pulling up her left sleeve.                                  “If you move it will cause pain. Stay still,” Leo said bitterly.                                                             Jade screamed, “No! I can be quiet now, I promise! I don’t like needles! Get it away from me!” It was too late. She fell unconscious. Jez chuckled. Leo finally relaxed and began to read various books.
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