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But When She Smiles... (Poem)  by Marykm

When she's sad

We all know

And when she screams

We drop down low

When she shouts

We run about

To fit her needs


When she's unsure

We come to see

If she doesn't want help

We let her be

When she's pained

After it's rained

We tend to her needs


When she's grateful

We smile and say goodbye

When she's angry

We all ask why

When she's troubled or sick

We fall for her trick

And ask her what we can do


When she demands

Nothing's to us absurd

When she cries

She floods the world

But when she laughs,

She simply cannot be heard

At all


When she smiles

Nobody sees

When she grins

She doesn't please


And that's too bad

Because now she's sad

To be in the spotlight

How is that right?


Be there when she's feeling down

But laugh with her and you'll see

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  'But When She Smiles... (Poem)' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: May 3, 2009
Date published: May 3, 2009
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Tags: be, but, cannot, heard, laughs, nobody, poem, poems, poetry, sees, she, smiles, when
Word Count: 212
Times Read: 722
Story Length: 1