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Silver (preface)  by Marykm

She elegantly floats up the steps, gowned in ocean blue. Her hands are folded together under her gold-trimmed robe. Her face is tilted down, a shadow plays across her face. Her long silver hair falls flawlessly over her shoulders. Her bright blue eyes are cast downward.

She approaches the small pool and kneels. Her fingers emerge from her robe as her hands part and she lightly skims the surface of the water with them. She smiles softly and stands abruptly. She drops the robe to the floor, revealing a black and purple dress. It is strapless and short. She pulls out a long, dark staff and begins to move across the water. It bends and twists in different forms around the girl. She twirls and dips, leaps and lands perfectly, the water always in time with her rhythm. She suddenly stops a foot above the now still water and closes her eyes. The moon is behind her, as if it were moving close to watch her performance.

She hovers perfectly above the water, and with one swift movement she becomes a light, a beacon to lost souls. From the water, a long dragon of water forms. The girl grins. She begins to move again, this time through trees and through buildings. The dragon follows her perfectly, its beady black eyes set on her.

The girl stops, letting the dragon circle around her. It slows and comes to a hault in front of the young girl. Her voice rings melodically as she speaks softly. "You are the hope of our land," she whispers. She continues, "Listen well, Silver. You are the bearer of truth, the summoner of hope. You must seek out and learn from the Mistress of the Sea. I was ordered to kill you. She may be capable of bringing out your human side, but there are risks in doing so. Be wary of them, and when you finally become a human you must never return here. I will lead you to others that will help, but then we must depart, Silver." The dragon sinks low, but nods.

They slip among the trees into the black night.

Note: this is just the preface!

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Date created: Nov. 19, 2008
Date published: Nov. 19, 2008
Comments: 1
Tags: preface, silver
Word Count: 408
Times Read: 410
Story Length: 2
Children Rank: 3.0/5.0 (1 votes)