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Poem  by Marykm

An off glance tells me

I've got it all right

I question you daily

But straight answers are tight


Suppose I made a good guess

But you'll never know

I've got the answer now

You aren't in control


I'll play the wild card

And tell you the truth, too

Crazy about you,

The rumors are true


Now don't you deny it

I know you want to come

See the land for those

That have something to become


I'm getting the feeling

That you want to prove them wrong

You want to show them love is forever

It's an eternal song


And hey, if we fail

That's just tough, oh well

Time's ticking away

Why not come see for yourself


If life's meaning is love

I'm betting it's true

Come on, grammy up

If think I'm wrong, don't be afraid to lose


I need you to know

That it's more than a game

I'm in this for a reason

I can handle the shame


Come play the game

If you lose that's alright

You've still got me

We'll give them a fight

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Date created: April 13, 2009
Date published: April 13, 2009
Comments: 0
Tags: a, poem, poetry
Word Count: 242
Times Read: 375
Story Length: 1