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One Day (Poem)  by Marykm

Doesn't it hurt when the tears come near

And nobody's there, leaving you to fear

And you're unsure of yourself


Do you feel pained when you see that face

Of the one you miss, the one you want to chase

Hurts to know you were put on the back of the shelf


When you hear their voice does it make you sway

In the very most sorrowful way

Does it make you want to sing in reply


I'll tell you- learned some things in my years

But I don't know how to fight back tears

When the one I love tells me good-bye


And I know how to put on a brave act

But when I see him I truly don't know how to react

I don't know whether to laugh, keep it cool, or cry


There's so much more life for me to live

Before I throw in the towel and give

Yet it'll be so long before my eyes dry


Tell me how can I go through this ache

The joy I show you is always fake

I don't want to bring you into my mess


Well if he ever comes knocking on my door

I'd be waiting for every chore

Against my better judgement I've started living to simply impress


I dream that one day I'll not be bound

By the hopes that he'd soon come around

I dream that one day I can finally be free

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Date created: May 4, 2009
Date published: May 4, 2009
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Tags: a, be, by, can, day, dream, finally, free, i, marykm, me, one, poem, poems, poetry, that
Word Count: 285
Times Read: 441
Story Length: 2
Children Rank: 2.5/5.0 (2 votes)