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TS Survival chapter 1  by Marcusaralius76




          The old world is gone, and now we get the task of putting a new world together, thought Marcus as he slept.  He was not really sleeping, of course.  He was merely resting his mind so he could move his thoughts around.

          Marcus loved how much better his mental control has strengthened since his change.  Now, he can remove, move, and store memories almost like a computer.  He looked at his thoughts as he rested and chose to remove the things he did not need anymore.  Videogames were out of place in his mind.  He removed everything about Xbox, PlayStation, and every game he ever played.  The only information he retained was the lessons of the game if any existed.  Marcus decided to keep any of the novels he read over the years in their place.  After those were gone, he removed all of the pornography that pushed him back over the years; the amount of space he had created after his childhood sins were removed was amazing.

          Marcus went through his mind one last time and removed every curse word he came across.  The only memory he retained was the fact that the words were bad and that they did not mean anything.  Marcus was satisfied with the changes he made to himself and opened his mind to the world.  Noise filled his ears; it was the sound of groaning, hissing, screaming, roaring, and scratching.  Marcus opened his eyes and witnessed an undead creature try to scratch out his eye with its nails.  Marcus could feel them touch his eye, but he felt no urge to blink.  Pain was behind him, as his new body was indestructible.  Marcus was a titanicus in the form of a silver dragon.  After he changed into what he is, his body became indestructible, invulnerable to any poison, and ageless.  Marcus was the physical equivalent of a god, but he held no illusions that he was a supreme being.

          Marcus opened his other eye and looked around the field.  A thousand weak undead stood around him, each one wanted to feast on his flesh.  That was not possible, but they tried nonetheless.  Marcus looked beyond them and saw the eight feet tall mutated undead.  They were either smart to keep their distance or simply waiting for the other undead to move out of their way.  The mutated undead would be a problem because they were thinkers and planners.  It was them that planned the undead ambush while he was sleeping.  It would have been a brilliant tactic, had Marcus still been human.

          Beyond those undead, Marcus caught the eyes of three behemoth undead.  They were ultra-mutated beasts that could not kill him, but they could occupy him if he was guarding someone, which he was not.  He looked beyond them, but nothing was there except for a bunch of rubble where an apartment complex used to be.  Marcus did not know where he was, but he knew what direction he needed to go in.  He chose to wait a little while longer before taking flight, but decided not to wait when he heard gunfire from a distance.  He wondered if it was just his imagination, but then he heard it again.  And a third time. 

Marcus was eager to find some allies; he was alone and eager to make friends.  Marcus took a deep breath and held it for a second before he felt heat in his body.  He breathed out, but only a small flame burst fourth from his maw.  Marcus breathed in again and waited for the heat.  Then he let fourth as loud a roar as he could create.  The flame spread before him as if the air were made of petroleum.  The entire undead army was burnt to a crisp, but there were still two of the giants standing.  Marcus did as before, but released it from his nostrils.  Two streams of fire ejected themselves from his body and engulfed the two separately.  They flailed around and ran into each other.  One fell to the ground and the other continued moving toward the source of its pain.  Marcus speared it with his tail and ripped its head off with the talons on his wings.  Marcus jumped into the air and started flying toward the source of the gunfire.  If others were alive, then it was his duty to keep it that way.

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Date created: Nov. 12, 2009
Date published: Nov. 12, 2009
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Tags: diety, dragon, horror, undead, violence, zombie
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