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"New Project!!! 30 Days of Descriptions"

Flag Patrol  by Lupyzapa35

Flag Patrol is my favorite part of the job and I'm being sarcastic usually the same people driving or walking by.....I'm wearing my orange patrol vest and holding up the orange flag....being a heroe for everyone's safety even for the vehicles....and ofcourse for the children crossing by.  Today, 7:40 a.m I'm standing watching basically the same cars driving by...A white, old rusted truck full of boxes, some crushed boxes full of items I always wonder what is that he's carrying?....again...today, is unusual day...I see a small mouse practically in the middle of the street....barely can walk..as if  part of his body was crushed...this mouse was trying really hard trying to get to the other side of the road...Everytime a vehicle passed by I feared for its life...but...Why couldn't I just take the mouse out of the road.....gross...first of all I hate mice....but I did feel sorry for it....I went back inside and I did not know what happen next, I did not even want to know.....


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Date created: Oct. 24, 2009
Date published: Oct. 24, 2009
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Tags: chapter, new
Word Count: 207
Times Read: 681
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