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How it is with me  by LadyAdelia

All my writing found under LadyAdelia comes from the darkest point in my life. I find myself in a much better place but the darkness haunts me still. She is a treacherous ghost whose torment is endless. She stays with me all day in the background waiting to whisper in the silence. She reminds me of my folly, taunts me with my sin, tortures me with fear that what is hidden will see light and all that I love will fall far, far away from me. I tell her she's wrong; there is hope and I will see the light of happiness again. She laughs at me and the tears she brings me wash my face and make me doubt my pursuit.

I will not write under LadyAdelia anymore. I am ashamed of much of my writing here. And yet there are jewels that I will save and hold onto. I pray that I did not hurt anyone or feed any evil with my words. Although my writing here is such a small part of what causes my shame; it pains me and makes me sad that I reached into such a dark abyss. No one knows the extent of darkness that lies within their own soul.


PS For those with piqued curiosity, my sin was all perfectly legal. It is amazing how much pain you can cause yourself and those you love without ever breaking the smallest law.

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Date created: June 27, 2011
Date published: June 27, 2011
Comments: 0
Tags: apology, ghost, shame
Word Count: 248
Times Read: 298
Story Length: 1