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"One more night. (not suitable for children; this is highly explicit!)"

Chapter 2 - Deception Point  by LadyAdelia

It really is quite ironic that I'm planning my escape from Jack since Jack was my escape from 'foster home hell'. I found him in an internet chat room for teens. I must have been so desperate to get out of my hell hole that the fact that Jack was 30 and cruising teen chat rooms didn't raise a raise a red flag. Ofcourse, he didn't say he was 30.

He said he was 19 and lonely and understood me so well since he and I had both lost our dads young, had never known our moms, and had been bounced around more foster homes than we could count. We had been through so many of the same kind of ordeals it should have been obvious to me he was lying through his teeth. When we met for the first time he had to fess up to his true age but he was so handsome and charming I believed him when he said he felt like he was still a teenager and just wanted to be a good friend to me because of all we had in common.

Our few clandestent 'dates' (we met at the 7-eleven down the street from my current foster home) were somehow magical in spite of our surroundings. I really believed he was Prince Charming coming to rescue me. Within a matter of weeks we had worked out this elaborate plan for my escape from 'the system'. I actually helped him kidnap me!

I can still smell the liquor on his breath when he revealed his true intentions that first night. He was drunk and I had forced him off me. I was crying and begging him not to rape me.

"I'm not ready!" I pleaded, so scared of what he was going to do!

'Jack, Jack, I'm only fourteen, Jack. I don't want to...' He slapped me and pinned me again to his hard kitchen tile.

"Listen, Bitch! You are mine now and you will do as you're told or else I will torture you in ways you don't even know exist!'

He glared at me with so much violence I was certain I was living my last moments. I immediately submitted. If I wanted to live I knew I had to do whatever he wanted. I had jumped from hell right into Satan's lap.


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Date created: Feb. 5, 2010
Date published: Feb. 5, 2010
Comments: 4
Tags: for-adults-only, x-rated-content
Word Count: 420
Times Read: 507
Story Length: 2
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