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"One more night. (not suitable for children; this is highly explicit!)" -> "Chapter 2 - Prison, not so sweet, Prison"

Chapter 3 - A Long Weekend  by LadyAdelia

We spent the weekend watching porn and practicing what we saw. Jack was determined to 'teach' me how to be a 'good girl'. I cried myself dry. We took frequent hydration breaks and I was even able to eat a few times, although, I found it very hard to hold anything down. Jack put up with my vomiting only, as long as; it did not interfere with our 'play time'. He treated me with affection and was fairly gentle, if, I was 'good.'

If, I was bad, Jack was also very, very, bad. I had never even kissed a boy and now I was learning more about sex than most 30 year olds know. Jack started with the basics - VOA - in that order. Then he moved onto videos of things I will Never EVER forget no matter how much therapy exist in the universe. Many of them, we did not have 'props' for or other people to help us 'practice' but Jack would always come up with some 'lesson' to learn and some performance for us to play out.

The one thing that still haunts me is my introduction to anal sex. Jack was kind enough to ease me into it with a 'how to' video. I was appalled when I watched the video but had no idea of the pain in store for me. It just looked gross on the TV but the girl seemed to really like the way it felt. At first, Jack just slid a well lubricated finger in and out of my ****. It felt weird and a little uncomfortable but not painful. Then he got me on all fours and began to push himself in. I instantly went flat on my stomach to escape what felt like a knife. How something as blunt as a penis can feel as sharp as a blade, I'll never understand; but that is exactly what it felt like.

Jack didn't understand the sensation either and slapped me hard across my back.

"Next time, I'll punch you in the face, Jessica! Now get up and be a good girl!"

I got back into position and did the exact wrong thing. I tensed up every muscle in my body and steeled myself for the inevitable. Fresh tears washed my cheeks as I forced myself to stay upright. He pushed in hard while holding firmly onto my shoulders and pulling me to him with each thrust. It probably only lasted a couple of minutes but each thrust felt like it lasted an hour. He told me to learn to like it.

He said, "Beg for it, Baby. Tell me how much you want it!"

I couldn't speak. I could barely breathe. He just laughed and kept pushing farther and farther inside. Finally, he finished and I felt the warm trickle down my leg. Jack tossed a towel on the bed and as I cleaned up I was horrified to see the red smear on my towel and realize how badly I was torn. Jack told me to be careful not to drip blood on his floor.

"Go take a shower. Get ready for bed. I'm beat!"

I was shaking with hunger, thirst, exhaustion, and shock. I stumbled into the bathroom and nearly fell on my face as I climbed into the tub. I fumbled with the faucet and only managed to get the cold water on. Crouched in the tub I let the water flow over my legs and felt a fresh sting as it rushed over the newly open skin. I slid onto my knees and cupped my hands under the faucet. I drank in big heavy gulps and tried to clear my head. All I could think was,

"I have to get out of here! I HAVE TO GET OUT!"


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Date created: Feb. 6, 2010
Date published: March 2, 2010
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Tags: for-adults-only, x-rated-content
Word Count: 824
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