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"Three little monkeys fell through a hole" -> "Chapter 2 – Lets all go!" -> "Chapter 3 – The Cave"

What are they!?!?  by LadyAdelia

Veronica was the first to clamor through to the end of the tunnel. She felt the walls of the tunnel blindly and crawled on her hands and knees for what felt like an hour but was probably only a few minutes. She rounded a bend and soft light finally found her hungry eyes. Her pace quickened and soon she was at the source. The end of the tunnel was covered by some sort of leather like flap which she moved easily out of her way. What she saw next made the breath catch in her throat.

This tunnel had led them to an underground city! There were little huts cut into the walls of the cavern rock. Laterns lit up the doorways to each one. The city was busy with activity. It's little inhabitants were everywhere going about another day in this magical land.

"What is it, Veronica?" Sarah whispered behind her sister anxious to see what had her sister entranced.

"It's...it's...amazing!" Now Veronica's voice was shaky.

"Let us see." Pressed Ben.

Just then Veronica caught sight of Milo playing tug of war with what looked like a blanket. His playmate was none too happy and was trying to smack Milo with a large stick.

"STOP!" Veronica hollered as she dove through the entrance and charged the offender. She landed on top of the tiny person and scrambled back up to her feet just in time for Ben and Sarah to reach the crazy scene.

The small person laid there staring at the huge intruders with a stunned expression and wide yellowish eyes. In an instant the children were surrounded by dozens of these strange beings. All of them had the same expression as the tiny one. No one said a word or made any other move toward the children. It was as if they were all trying to decide what the children were.

Milo broke the silence by letting out a long nervous whine. Then the little person who had been trying to retrieve her blanket from him sat up cautiously. She reached her hand to his head. It had only four fingers. If you could call them fingers, it was more like a soft hoof split into fingers. She rubbed the top of his head and he lunged forward and licked her face. All the people gasped, but the little girl giggled and that set everyone at ease.


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Date created: Dec. 18, 2009
Date published: Dec. 18, 2009
Comments: 3
Tags: cave, city, underground
Word Count: 450
Times Read: 432
Story Length: 1