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Discussion of "Snatched" by LadyAdelia

1 alharris 7 years ago Reply

Great set-up. No wasted verbiage. Good job.

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1 LadyLuck 7 years ago Reply

Not bad at all LadyAdelia, very good starter. I'm really looking forward to someone (you?) to continue it. I loved the main character, who ever she is.

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1 writerwannabe 7 years ago Reply

Although the title gave the "cliffhanger" end away, you did a great job describing the girl's emotional state, the scenery and you set up the "snatch" well. I especially liked the puppy ruse to distract her....;o).

Off to read chapter two.

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1 LadyAdelia 7 years ago Reply

Thank you very much!! :)

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1 saraleonard 7 years ago Reply

Ver well-done! I can't wait for the next chapter.

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1 cjbishop 6 years, 11 months ago Reply

Great job on this, the entire series turned out to be magnificent. Thumbs up

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