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"Heart is where the Home is"

Heart is where the Home is (untwisted version)  by LadyAdelia
Melanie enjoyed having the baby in her care; even if it was for such a short time. Bathing, feeding, and tending to the babe for those few hours had given more to her than all the therapy she had received in the past 12 months. It occurred to her that she had been feeling so sorry for herself and her situation that she’d left no room to consider anyone else.

            She had collapsed both mentally and physically one year ago, to the day; and was hospitalized for a week with a condition her doctor referred to as,’ broken heart syndrome’. Her therapy and medication provided little to no relief. Melanie found herself either completely numb or enveloped in dark depression. Being a people pleaser, a perfectionist, and an overworked nurse had created an emotional avalanche. Nothing brought her joy and everything amplified her pain. Until now; now she felt the warm glow of light flowing to her from the end of her very long tunnel.

            “I think a vacation is in order”, Melanie decided.


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  'Heart is where the Home is (untwisted version)' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: Oct. 5, 2008
Date published: Oct. 5, 2008
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Word Count: 278
Times Read: 343
Story Length: 1