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"Heart is where the Home is"

Heart is where the Home is (2)  by LadyAdelia

Melanie took great care of her charge and told herself that she was justified in keeping the baby. After all, he was left to die by his uncaring mother and would have died if it had not been for her saving him. She counted his tiny toes and fingers and let her fingers linger on his lips.

“You’re so cold, little man. I need to wrap you better.” She found a warm blanket and snuggled him in tight. “I will never leave you, Love; and I won’t let them take you from me either.” He cooed up at her and her whole world seemed to shine. She finally knew what it was to be happy.

Day after day she cared for the infant ignoring her phone and all outside responsibilities. “Go away world; I’m tending my Baby and he is tending me.” She knew that she would be evicted soon if she did not go to work, but somehow that did not matter. The formula would run low and the diapers would be gone; but things have a way of working themselves out. “Everything will be just fine. Don’t you worry little man, don’t you worry.”

It felt like a year had gone by, but Melanie knew it had only been a month. “See, we still have formula and diapers. God must be refilling it just as he did for that poor woman in the Bible when she needed oil to sell for the freedom of her boys.” Yes, that was the only explanation.

One morning, Melanie awoke with a loud banging at her door. “Melanie!! Melanie!! Are you okay?!? Open the door!” It was her mom.

“Go away, Mom! I’m fine just let me be alone!”

“Melanie, you are not fine! Open this door!”

Melanie conceded. Her mother would not go away until she said her piece. Little man was asleep in the other room. Mom wouldn’t even know he was here. Melanie would just let her in, tell her to stop being a worry wart and go away.

“Mom, I’m fine. See, I’m fine. I just want to be left alone.”

“Look at yourself! You look like you haven’t slept in days!”

“Mom, stop! Really, you’re overreacting!”

“What is that smell? It’s awful! How can you stand it?”

“What smell, Mom? There is no smell. Stop being ridiculous!”

“It smells like rotten potatoes in here, Melanie! I think it’s coming from your bedroom.”

Her mom started toward her room where little man was. “NO!!” Melanie screamed! “You can’t go in there!” Melanie stepped in front of the door and refused passage. Her mother just blinked at her a moment. Then she said in a soft voice,”Melanie, you are not well. Go sit on the couch, okay, Honey?”

“No, I can’t. You can’t. Just leave! Now, Mom, go!”

“Whatever it is we can get through this. I know you have had a hard time with Mike leaving the way he did and then your miscarriage.”

“What are you talking about? I didn’t have a miscarriage; I was never even pregnant.”

“Baby, we can not hide our pregnancies. You were pregnant. I know this is hard for you but don’t go loosing your mind over it. Honey, you were in the mountains when you miscarried, remember”

“No, no, the baby is fine, he is fine!”Her mother could stand it no more. She reached behind Melanie’s back and turned the door knob nearly knocking Melanie to the floor in the process. Melanie caught her self and swooped up little man before her mother had a chance to steal him from her.

“God, Melanie, what have you done?!?”

“I loved him, Mother. He needed my love.”

It all came rushing back. Melanie had gone into early labor and went into the mountains to have her baby. He was born without trouble and was perfect but she could not stand the sight of him. “You are the reason Mike left me! You are!” Melanie had screamed. She laid him on a blanket in the grass and then drove away. Her act haunted her so that she wanted to kill herself. Surely the baby was dead. It had been over a week. She drove again to the mountains and found him. He was gray and cold but her mind could not handle what she had done and so it rewrote the ending.

If only life were so simple; if only we could go back and rewrite the ending.

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Date created: Oct. 1, 2008
Date published: Oct. 1, 2008
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