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Rambling thoughts this post Christmas day  by LadyAdelia

Clamoring thoughts rack my brain like hail pelting a tin roof on a cold, wet night

I remember to breathe, count to four, hold, exhale, and breathe again

Joy comes in the morning, this is what they say, but the covers cannot hide me from another furious day

Failure lurks in shadows waiting to pounce forth; I feel her heavy breathing down my neck; her anxious tentacles are winding down my spine

Hope is fighting with resentment in the corner telling him to go away and bring his storm another day

They plead for my attention and beg for each glance I cast their way

I want to share my day with Hope but she always runs off on some untimely errand

I pray for peace to visit me without bringing the lonely companion she is so fond of these days

Guilt piles high upon my back massaging my mind with memories I cannot forget

Some are soft and sensual and I wish I could linger in them without Guilt's rude intrusion

I long for the tomorrow that brings me understanding freeing me from questions that nag and prick and scrape the softness of my soul

And now the most treacherous villain of all is beating through the skin of my day; Seconds, minutes, and hours hemorrhage uncontrollably

And so, I must go!

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Date created: Dec. 28, 2009
Date published: Dec. 28, 2009
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Tags: rambling, thoughts
Word Count: 397
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