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Developments  by Kingike2689

Chapter 8: Developments

Goso and the others then decided to stay at Melissa’s castle. Later that day while in the castle, Goso wanted to get something to eat so he went to the kitchen to get some food. When he arrived at the kitchen he saw Robin writing something down on paper. He sat next to her and said:

Goso: hey. How are you enjoying the castle?

Robin: it’s nice. It reminds me of the castle that was in my old village, before it was destroyed.

Goso: sorry about that.

Robin: Seriously I’m ok Goso, you don’t have to worry.

Goso: so whatcha writing?

Robin: it’s kind of embarrassing.

Goso: aww come on, you can tell me.

Robin: well…ok. I was walking around the castle and I just started thinking about Metsu. I started to miss him so I was writing a letter to him.

Goso: that’s nice. You should send it to him.

Robin: but how could I sent it to him when he is constantly moving around Berlonia. I mean where would I send it?

Goso: hmm, I know why not hold it until he gets back. You could then give it to him without worrying if he’ll miss it or not.

Robin: (laughing) your silly Goso, you know that?

Goso: what do you mean?

Robin: I mean, if I gave it to him personally it would defeat the whole purpose of writing it in the first place. The purpose being that I miss him and want to see him.

Goso: I guess that’s true. How about this, you write all you feeling’s down. It doesn’t have to be “I miss you” or “I want to see you” it could be something like “I’m thinking about you” or “I hope your ok.” make it so that Metsu understands that your care about him, even from this far away.

Robin: wow. Your right, I should do that. When were you so romantic?

Goso: (with a serious face) I…used to do that a lot with Mary…

Robin: who’s Mary?

Goso: a student of Disciple’s dojo. She and I were very close and we eventually began going out. But sometime before I participated in the arena she was murdered by Samurais aiming to kill Disciple. To me she was the love of my life.

Robin: I’m sorry.

Goso: it’s ok.

Robin: what ever happened to those samurais?

Goso: I killed them all.

Robin: how did it make feel after you killed them?

Goso: I felt better for a while, but eventually I began to feel empty. I mean we did everything together. From training to eating, no matter what we did we always did it together. So when she died I never felt the same. In a sense, without her I feel incomplete. To this day I never fell in love with anyone else besides her.

Robin: really? What about Pinkstripe?

Goso: it’s complicated between me and Pinkstripe, beside even though I knew Pinkstripe longer than I knew Mary, I instantly fell in love with Mary.

Robin: Pinkstripe’s gonna be crushed.

Goso: I never hid my feelings from Pinkstripe. I told her about Mary and she was ok with it. Besides it doesn’t matter anymore.

Robin: oh…I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to put you through more stress.

Goso: it’s ok. Like you and your village being destroyed, I’m trying to deal with it.

Robin: She seems like a very nice person.

Goso: she was. Do you mind if we change the subject.

Robin: of course. So are you going to write letters to Pinkstripe too?

Goso: I was going to at first, but I wanted to explore my feeling towards her first before I write anything.

Robin: I see.

As they were talking Melissa saw the light on and decided to go to the kitchen. She saw Robin and Goso talking and said:

Melissa: hey guys what’s up.

Goso: nothing we were just talking.

Melissa: about what?

Robin: about Metsu and Pinkstripe.

Melissa: aww that’s sweet.

Goso: what is?

Melissa: you two. You seem so comfortable with each other.

Robin: yeah we’re really close.

Melissa: So are you guys going out with each other?

Both Robin and Goso were shocked and spat milk from their mouths as they were drinking. Robin then said:

Robin: what are you talking about?

Goso: Robin and I are not together.

Melissa: oh…it seems I was mistaken.

Goso: you seem to have a knack for that.

Melissa: you guys want to go to the spa for a few minutes. My treat.

Robin: sure sounds fun, but after I finish this letter.

Goso: you guys go on ahead. I’ll meet you there.

Melissa: ok.

Goso then went to his room to get ready and on the way he saw Disciple. Disciple said:

Disciple: hey Goso. What’s on your mind?

Goso: (sigh) nothing really.

Disciple: are you alright?

Goso: yeah I’m fine.

Disciple: Goso I can tell that you are not fine. Might as well tell me what’s wrong.

Goso: I was just thinking about Mary and them. I miss them so much and wish that they could be by my side.

Disciple: I see. Well Goso I honestly have been thinking about them as well. I miss them to but I know that they would want me to be happy and not sad. Just tell yourself that and you’ll be fine.

Goso: I don’t know if I can.

Disciple: hmm, hey you want to listen to a story. Maybe that’ll help.

Goso: yeah sure.

Disciple: well when I was still young there was a time that I was surrounded by Bandits. There I was alone and defenseless and all I had was my fishing rod.

Goso: You went fishing?

Disciple: yeah I went fishing all the time back in the day. And I didn’t have my swords at the time. They all had weapons ranging from axes to maces. They also knew I was blind so they tried to take advantage of me and steal any money that I had with me. The two at my sides attacked me at the same time. But unlucky for them I heard them so I dodged and they collided with each other. The guy behind me then rushed and attacked me. But I used my fishing rod and hit him across the face causing him to fall to the ground. The last guy, who was in front of me, then tried to attack me head on but I used my fishing rod to catapult myself over him and attacked him from behind. They all got scared and ran away. Funny enough I actually didn’t have any money with me at the time so that whole fight was completely pointless.

Goso: wow. You’re so cool. Tell me another story.

Disciple: alright.

Disciple then continued telling Goso old stories about his past as Metsu and the others prepare for the next Dark Novas. They are now at the Sirin village. As they were entering the gate they were greeted by beautiful women. All of the women noticed Metsu, who was the first one to enter the Village. Among them was Jenny, the girl Goso and Pinkstripe saw last time they came here. Jenny said:

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