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Meeting X  by Kingike2689

Chapter 3: Meeting X

Metsu then awakens in a mysterious hut. All of his wounds were healed but still felt a lot of pain. he also had a major headache. Metsu said:

Metsu: ahh. (Still in great pain) What happened?

Mysterious swordsman: you were beaten up pretty badly.

Metsu: who are you?

Mysterious swordsman: You can call me swordsman X or X for short.

Metsu: were you the one who saved me?

X: yeah I guess.

Metsu: thank you. Where am I?

X: my secret hideout.

Metsu: secret hideout? Why do you have a secret hideout?

X: I just do.

Metsu: well thanks for your help but I have to go.

X: why? You wanna fight Onix again?

Metsu: yeah I can’t let him get away with all the things he did to us.

X: if you go. You’ll die. You do know that right?

Metsu: …. But I have to do something. I tried fighting him before but I underestimated him. This time I’ll get him for sure. I just need to get stronger.

X: hmm. Well I could train you.

Metsu: you…train me?

X: yeah I’ve been looking for an apprentice. You should serve nicely.

Metsu: thanks but no thanks. I have to go back to my clan. I feel better training with them. No offense. But thanks anyway.  

X: ……

Metsu: what?

X: well it’s just that everyone thinks you’re dead.

Metsu: what!!?

X: well apparently Onix told everyone you died.

Metsu: but I didn’t die.

X: I know that, I saved you remember. But that’s what he told everyone. If you want revenge become my apprentice and I shall train you so that you can exact your revenge.

Metsu: wait what about …..

X: Goso? If I were you I would forget about that one.

Metsu: but he’s my best friend.

X: was your best friend, but then he chose to attack you.

Metsu: but he just lost Saturn and…Wait how do you know all this?

X: I have connections. But more importantly you have to understand that you’re alone in this world.

Metsu: alone?

X: yeah if you let your guard down even for a second people will take advantage of you. You and I are alone in this world. A pair of lone wolves in a sense.

Metsu: you’re...Your right I can trust no one in this world. Goso made that pretty clear to me.

X: so will you become my apprentice?

Metsu: I accept. When do we start?

X: in three days. Be ready?

Metsu: one more question. What was that sword Su...I mean Onix was holding?

X: a sacred sword.

Metsu: Sacred sword?

X: yeah these swords are remains of the twenty sacred beasts from four hundred years ago. These swords have the souls of the sacred beast. It also carries their abilities allowing the user to use it for as long as he can wield it.

Metsu: do you have one?

X: yeah definitely the strongest sword I have ever used.

Metsu: how can I get one?

X: we’ll discuss that later. Right now get some rest.

So Metsu and swordsman X ready themselves while back in the Dragon clan, Goso packs his things and prepares to leave his village. Just at that moment Goso was stopped by Jupiter and Fara:

Jupiter: Hey Goso. How are you holding up?

Goso: just trying to move on.

Fara: Where are you going?

Goso: I need to leave this place it holds to many bad memories.

Jupiter: you think running away from your problems is going to solve anything?

Goso: it’s not only for that I always wanted to explore other places besides Berlonia. I was planning on leaving a while ago but never had a chance.

Jupiter: I see.

Goso: why are you here anyway I thought the Solar system swordsmen send representatives’ to these villages.

Jupiter: so much has happened that everyone has gone into chaos. I wanted to check Berlonia out personally.

Fara: I came by to see how you were doing? I’m worried about you.

Goso: (that’s right she saw me attack Metsu) look Fara I’m sorry for…

Fara then pulled Goso to the side and said:

Fara: shh. Don’t say another word. Just promise me you’ll never try to kill Metsu ever again.

Goso: (with tears in his eyes) I promise.

Goso and Fara then went back to Jupiter as he said:

Goso: well what are you going to do?

Jupiter: not much I can do. I’ll still try and find a way to stop Sun but all I can do is try my best to survive.

Goso: what about you Fara?

Fara: I’m going to stay here and try and find a way to survive as well. who knows maybe Jupiter and I could survive together.

Jupiter: sure I could train you so that you get stronger.

Fara: I’d love that.

Goso: well I have to go. If we ever see each other again know that I will be strong enough to defeat Sun.

Jupiter: it’s a shame Metsu couldn’t be here to witness your enthusiasm. I know he is in a better place now.

Goso: (that’s right, Jupiter doesn’t know that Metsu is alive) Metsu…..Never mind

Jupiter: well I’ll see you later.

Fara: take care of yourself.

As Goso left the village the when suddenly the guilt of attacking Metsu started to kick in.

Goso: Metsu wherever you are ….I just wanted you to know that I’m sorry.

Goso continued to wander as he reached his first destination that Phoenix clan. He continued though the village watching as he witnessed the economic crises that had been taking place. He felt horrible knowing that this had been going on and that he couldn’t do anything to stop. As he was wandering he bumped into a young girl about his age (19) with short pink hair and a pink headband. She was wearing a white sleeveless tee-shirt with pink pants and pink shoes. The girl then said:

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Date created: Nov. 28, 2011
Date published: Nov. 28, 2011
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