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Student Vs. Master  by Kingike2689

Chapter 21: Student VS. Master

The battle then began with Disciple taking out his sword and swinging it so he can hear Goso coming. But all he heard was silence. Just then Goso attacks Disciple from behind but Disciple dodged barely.

Disciple: I see your getting serious.

Goso: …

Goso then attacks him with light slashes but Disciple was able you dodge them. Disciple sees that Goso is serious so he puts his sword away and draws his sacred sword much to everyone’s’ surprise.

X: I see that Goso isn’t playing around.

Pinkstripe: this isn’t like Goso. What wrong?

Robin: he has to win this battle to fight Metsu. So he is trying his best to win.

X: right.

Pinkstripe: oh…

After Disciple drew his sacred sword he removes his blindfold. And to everyone’s surprise opens his eyes and could now see.

Pinkstripe: what’s going on? I thought he was blind.

X: he is. But his swords ability allows his to see. But only while he is wielding it. For most people that would be useless but for him it’s the most powerful sword he can equip. That’s why he doesn’t like using it.

Robin: awesome.

Disciple then attacks Goso hitting him numerous times. Goso was seriously hurt but the determination to fight Metsu was stronger than the pain he was feeling. He then got up and started using his speed again but Disciple saw through it all and countered all his attacks. Goso laid on the ground I great pain thinking to himself that he lost. Pinkstripe then said:

Pinkstripe: why is it that he is so powerful now. All Disciple can do now is see, so shouldn’t that make him just as powerful as Goso?

X: Disciple is one of the most gifted swordsman of our generation. Giving him sight, though is normal for others, puts the opponents at a disadvantage. Giving him sight is like having me fight seriously, an instant win.

Robin: so your saying that Disciple is so skilled that just giving him sight ensures your defeat.

X: exactly.

Pinkstripe: he’s really something. But I hope Goso could win somehow.

As they were talking a sudden power in Goso awakens. Goso then gets up and moves at a speed 2 times faster than before. Disciple could no longer keep up with him. Goso then attacked him sending Disciple flying all the way to the stands and was seriously injured. But he got up and continued. Both fought at their hardest but Goso was faster and more powerful than he was. After several minutes the winner was Goso because Disciple lost conscience.

X: this isn’t right. Disciple lost after having the advantage? Goso is too powerful.

Robin: how did he do all that?

Pinkstripe: I don’t know. He has never done that before.

Just then Goso look to the stands and appeared 8 years younger physically.

X: he looks like a kid. Why is that?

After that Goso returned to normal looking 21 again but the crowed was amazed and his rank went up to 3. Goso then went back to where all the fighters were as Pinkstripe and Robin discuss. Robin says:

Robin: that was an intense battle

Pinkstripe: wow. I never thought that Disciple would lose.

X: that just shows you how determined he is to fight Metsu again. But too bad for him, Metsu won’t make it that far because I’ll be fighting him and I have no intention of losing.

Robin: don’t go too hard on Metsu.

X: yeah yeah.

The next match was Metsu against X. X then came to the circle and like Disciple to Goso saw Metsu come into the circle.

X: Metsu. Good luck.

Metsu: …

The battle then began and X drew his sword at attack Metsu so fast that he could hardly be seen. Metsu seems unafraid. X’s attack surprisingly was easily deflected.

X: how did you stop my attack?

Metsu: quit playing around and get serious already.

X: what are you saying Metsu? you know how I get.

Metsu: I know.

X: and you still want me to get serious?

Metsu: yes.

X: well I can’t. sorry to disappoint you.

X continues his attack against Metsu but was deflected every time X began getting frustrated and slowly but surely began to get serious. Try and try as he might he was unable to hit Metsu. So he then began to get serious. And attack Metsu so fast he seemed invisible. He was able to hit Metsu. But Metsu withstood it. X continued his barrage of attacks hitting Metsu every time. Throughout this time X appears invisible. No one could see where he was but all they could see is the damage that Metsu was receiving. Oddly enough they could not hear him either all they heard was Metsu. Metsu then realizes X’s ability. Metsu quickly looks around and then holds his sword waiting for X’s next attack. X then attacks again but this time is hit by Metsu.

X: how did you hit me?

Metsu: I finally was able to understand your ability. I remember back then that you told me that you used a sacred sword but I never noticed what ability you had. All I knew was that you can defeat an enemy in ‘a blink of an eye” so I waited for you to get serious and attack me. One thing I noticed was that along with the fact that I could not see you, I also couldn’t hear you. But what really gave away was that although I can feel the pain left by the sword I could not feel the sword itself. Then it hit me. What do sight, sound, and Feeling have in common. They are three of the five senses in your body. So your swords ability is when you are in movement your sword completely blocks the opponents five senses making it seem like your killing them in a blink of eye.

X: impressive. But how did you hit me if you can’t see or hear me?

Metsu: I looked at how you affected the environment around you. For example when you attacked me last I looked at the area to my left and saw that some sand particles moves slightly. From there, I just plan a counter attack.

X: even though you figured out my ability doesn’t mean anything. I am strong physically so your sword, as strong as it is, can’t hurt me because it is impossible to get a direct hit.

X then began to attack Metsu. Although Metsu countered a majority of his attacks he was still receiving more damage. So Metsu used his gravity force push which is an attack that uses gravity to push an opponent a great distance. It is an attack that attacks in all directions at the same time. When X was far enough Metsu said:

Metsu: I was hoping not to use this but you are becoming annoying.

A huge amount of energy surrounds Metsu and X begins to worry. Just then Metsu’s sword is completely transformed. It is now a huge broad sword with a wolf’s head on the handle with his mouth open where the blade comes out.

X: what is going on!?

Metsu: After I defeated Sun, I snuck out at night to see if I can get even stronger. I was able to contact Galio again. He had me train in that dimension again but this time to unlock the next level of my sword. He said that all sacred swords have two levels and the second level is the strongest level that the sacred sword could go to. He also said that it is extremely difficult to get to this level and he wasn’t kidding. After a year in the dimension which is like 3 hours in the real world I was finally able to unlock that level. While in this form I am 4 times more powerful than ever before.

X: … incredible you’ve surpassed me.

Metsu then attacks X at a speed he couldn’t keep up with. X tried his best to counter but all efforts failed. He then was hit by Metsu and literally flew out of the stadium. Metsu was declared the victor and was then ranked. His rank is number 2.

Robin: …Oh…My…Gosh.

Pinkstripe: I know… He is so powerful.

Disciple: to be able to unlock the second level of his sword. that is truly amazing. X gave a valiant effort though.

After the battle, Metsu than returned to normal. Then the next battle was called and the two fighters on the screen are Metsu and Goso.

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