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What Do You Think Of Me?  by Kingike2689

Chapter 11:“What Do You Think Of Me?”

Pinkstripe: The Sirin clan sure has a beautiful environment. What do you think Metsu?

Metsu: yeah it sure does.

Pinkstripe: could you believe that of all villages out there, that X was born and raised in the Sirin village?

Metsu: I wouldn’t have guessed in a million years. He seems so non sensitive.

Pinkstripe: I feel bad for X but he shouldn’t have shunned Venus like that. I would’ve done the same thing if I was in Venus’ situation.

Metsu: I kind of understand X. If someone got in the way of my revenge with Sun I don’t know what I would do. However I wouldn’t shun my closest friend.

Pinkstripe: Metsu what do you think of me?

Metsu: what do you mean?

Pinkstripe: I mean what if I told you not to go against Sun that it would ruin your life, would you listen?

Metsu: why are you asking me this?

Pinkstripe: I just want to know what you think of me.

Metsu: I care about you, but I not going to lie and say that I wouldn’t go ahead with it anyway, because I would. You’re my friend and I understand your feelings, but not enough to allow something like my brother’s death to go un avenged.

Pinkstripe: How could you say that? What if it meant that we would never be friends anymore?

Metsu: Pinkstripe where is all this coming from?

Pinkstripe: I don’t know I just wanted to know how you felt about me that’s all.

Metsu: Pinkstripe why are you acting this way? Do you a crush on me or something? You know I like Robin, I told you this not too long ago.

Pinkstripe: I don’t mean like that. I understand that you and Robin have a thing for each other but I just wanted to know whether or not you feel like I was enough of a friend to help stop you from doing something stupid like X did.

Metsu: oh you’re still upset about X and how he treated Venus.

Pinkstripe: well… yeah. I’m worried that one day you’ll become like X, a ruthless killer who has no sorrow for the ones he kills. I don’t want to see you fall into darkness like he did.

Metsu: Look that was X and I’m not him. I trained under him for years and yet I never lost my personality. I’m smart enough to make my own decisions.

Pinkstripe: I guess you’re right. Sorry for that.

Metsu: it’s ok. so we cool?

Pinkstripe: yeah we’re cool.

Metsu and Pinkstripe then went back to the inn. Meanwhile after X talked to Venus he travelled to a nearby forest to reflect on all that has happened. As he was walking he saw a man from afar. X was shocked to see who it was and said:

X: ………Rain!? Is that you?

Rain: don’t be alarmed I have not come to hurt you.

X: then drew his sword and said:

X: what the hell, you still want to kill Metsu do you?

Rain: I’ve changed. I want to help you guys.

X: do you really think that I’ll believe you after all you’ve done.

Rain: … I was under the influence of the Dark Dragon blade. It is a Dark sword. All of the killings I was doing were not me but the Dark Dragon.

X: I have already fallen victim to your lies. Why feed me more?

Rain: I’m telling the truth…

X: how did you survive anyway? I though Metsu finished you off.

Rain: I used my Nova ability, constant regeneration. I was barely able to regenerate my head after Metsu smashed it. If I had been hit again I wouldn’t have survived. I’m here to help wash away my sins.

X: Don’t give me that. Look you have five seconds to leave or else I will attack you despite the fact that you are unarmed. I may even kill you.

Rain: …please hear me out.

X: 5…4…3…2…

Rain: go ahead finish me off. I don’t even care anymore.

X: you think I’m going to fall for that. Think again.

As X was preparing to attack Rain.  But before he could attack Rain began to sense someone using his Nova ability.

Rain: someone’s here.

X: what are you talking about?

Rain: A Dark Nova has arrived.

Both Rain and X see a man coming from afar. The man was wearing a white samurai robe with a blue attire under it. He had matching blue hair and blue eyes. X was shocked to see that the man was Brian his former Master.

Brian: Long time no see X.

X: Brian? What are you doing here?

Rain: X be careful he’s a Dark Nova.

X: What are you talking about he’s my master, he has no Dark Nova powers? Right Brian?

Brian: you’re an even bigger fool than I initially thought. Of course I’m a Dark Nova.

X: I guess I just never thought of you as a Nova. Why are you here?

Brian: to kill you.

X: …?

Brian: It’s a direct order from our leader. He told us to kill a young man named Metsu and his group which apparently you’re a member of.

X: wow. You know you always told me you’d kill me one these days I never thought one day you’d actually try to do it. How do you guys know about Metsu?

Brian: Lisa was able to give us information before she faced Metsu. After I’m done with you I’m going after him.

X: what make you think you can defeat me? Let alone Metsu.

Brian: one I am a Dark Nova, I have an unofficial sacred sword in my possession, and I’m your former master. I taught you everything you know. You can’t win.

Rain: X what are you going to do?

X: Rain you need to get out of here you don’t have a sword with you.

Brian then throws his extra sword to Rain and Says:

Brian: use this.

Rain: why are you giving me this?

Brian: now you both can fight me fair and square.

X: Brian has always enjoyed challenges. And doesn’t mind fighting handicap.

Rain: so you think you can take us both?

Brian: I’m a master swordsman for a reason. Prepare yourselves.


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