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A kind Hearted Criminal  by Kingike2689

Chapter 6: A Kind Hearted Criminal

Damien: this is where the records say he is. He’s name is Don and is 6 foot 8 inches, 66 years old  and weighs 160 pounds. The records say he is a calm man so I am not expecting much struggle. But you never know. Anyone could go berserk when pushed to a wall.

Goso: where did you get all this information?

Damien: from other bounty hunters who live here. According to the records his lives in that building over there near the lake.

Robin: ok, so how will we know if it’s him or not.

Damien: I have a picture of him here.

Disciple: man you guys have everything don’t you?

Damien: let’s go.

So Goso and the others go to the building where Don lives. They searched the entire building but did not find him. Damien then said:

Damien: he’s not home. Let us wait for him.

Goso: no need. Look outside.

Goso saw Don coming from a distance. Don reached his house and saw Damien. He instantly knew why he was here and said.

Don: you’re here to arrest me right?

Damien: yes. But before I apprehend you I need to see where you hid your glass weapon.

Don then open a secret compartment in his house and reveals his glass Tonfas.

Don: here you go. I don’t want any trouble.

Robin: Damien are you sure he’s a criminal. He seems like such a nice guy.

Damien: well according to records he killed a group of unguarded swordsmen. That’s murder and murder is a crime.

Don: look I’m sorry for what I’ve done. It was many years ago and I have been trying to resolve my sins ever since. But that being said I did what I thought was necessary at the time. I know what I did was wrong so let us go already.

Goso: what exactly happened?

Don: I was training with my son in my Dojo when my son told me that he joined this gang of swordsmen. They referred to themselves as the Dark Swordsmen. I told him to not get involved with them, but he didn’t listen. At some point they killed my son because he didn’t agree to kill someone for them. When I heard the news I went after them. I did some things I’m not proud of and eventually killed them. I admit that what I did was wrong but I couldn’t just let them get away with it.

Disciple: …

Goso: you alright Disciple?

Disciple left the room for a minute.

Goso: I wonder what’s wrong with him.

Damien: alright let’s go.

Don: alright.

Robin: Damien. After hearing that how could you possibly still be thinking of arresting him?

Damien: he broke the law, but I‘ll see whether or not I can shorten his sentence.

Goso: that seems fair.

Robin: where did you get your glass weapon?

Don: I won it in the arena battle 20 years ago. I have been using it ever since.

Damien: well before we can arrest you we have to apprehend the other glass weapon wielders. Actually, I could shorten your sentence if you agree to help me apprehend the others. What do you say?

Don: anything to wash away my sins.

Goso and Robin then went outside to see Disciple.

Robin: Disciple are you alright?

Disciple: …I guess.

Goso: you don’t sound alright.

Disciple: you know the story Don was telling you about his son.

Goso: yeah.

Disciple: well I and his son were best friends. His son’s name is Ronnie. We were both like 7 years old when we met. We would tell each other that one day we would become great swordsmen when we grow up. When I heard of the Dark swordsmen I told him we should join so we can become stronger. He told me that his father said no but I convinced him. In the Dark Swordsmen group we were given errands by the older crew members. They never planned on making us official members but we were so gullible back then we couldn’t see it. One day Don followed him and found out that he had joined the Dark Swordsmen. Don told the Dark Swordsmen to leave Ronnie alone but they refused saying “why should we let him go. He’s ours now.” Ronnie over heard the conversation and decided to quit. When he was trying to leave they surrounded him. They told him to kill Don but he refused. They then drew their swords. I told them to stop but they didn’t listen to me. I tried to help him but they blinded me by slitting my eyes with their swords. After I was down they killed Ronnie. Don probably doesn’t recognize me because Ronnie never told him about me. Since then I’ve been training as hard as I could so I could protect my closes friends and prevent that incident from ever happening again. Other than X and Prodigy, no one has been able to fill the void that Ronnie left. I never got over it. I always felt things would be different if I never convinced him to join the Dark swordsmen. I still wished that I could’ve helped him back then.

Robin: wow. I’m so sorry for what happened to you.

Disciple: it’s ok. In a way that incident was necessary for me to be the swordsman I am today.

Goso: you are a true survivor.

Robin: you and X have been through a lot.

Disciple: it’s one of the reasons why we’re so close. We both are the same. Kind of like you and Metsu.

Goso: I never really thought of it that way.

Damien then comes outside with Don.

Damien: well the next criminal is in the Bahamut village. It’s not too far away.

After a 30 minute walk Goso and the rest of the group (with the addition of Don) arrived at the Bahamut village.

Damien: According to the records this man is a hardened criminal. He has been arrested 12 times in the last year. He has killed multiple people and stolen an incredible amount of money.

Disciple: (sarcastically) wow. That’s all.

Robin: what are you talking about just one of those crimes could land him in jail for a long time!

Disciple: Jeez. I was just kidding. Lighten up will ya.

Robin: well you shouldn’t joke like that.

Damien: anyway. According to the records he lives in a big mansion. There’s one. Let’s check it out.

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