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Facing your fears  by Kingike2689

Chapter 22: Facing Your Fears

Robin: This is it. Who will win?

Pinkstripe: I am more worried about what will happen afterwards.

Metsu then comes to the circle and Goso soon follows. Although Metsu looked confident in the back of his mind he is not sure of what to do. However Goso’s fear shows on his face. Before the battle began Goso says:

Goso: Metsu….I….I just…

Metsu: save it.

Goso: Metsu: I’m sorry for what I did back then. I just don’t want you to kill me without knowing that I was sorry.

Metsu then removes the top part of his attire and the audience is shocked at what they see.

Pinkstripe: how awful. His body is horribly scared. Robin have you seen Metsu without his shirt?

Robin: I did once. You see one night I had to go to the bathroom really bad and I didn’t notice that he was in there. I opened the door an saw him in great pain. All of his scars began bleeding and I saw him taking painkillers. I asked him what was going on, and he became furious and began yelling at me. He later apologized and told me that he received all those scars from Sun and Goso. He said that every night he feels excruciating pain and takes painkillers to help ease the pain. He also said that he takes it before every battle so that he doesn’t get defeated by an opponent.  However the painkillers only ease the pain, they don’t completely eliminate it. That means every time he fights he is at a disadvantage.

Pinkstripe: you’re kidding. He didn’t seem effected at all. especially when he was fighting X.

Robin: when he’s battling his pain just disappears, at least that’s what he told me. He said that when he’s in the midst of battle nothing else matters.

As Robin and Pinkstripe continued talking Goso said:

Goso: Metsu…I’m so sorry…

Metsu: you’re sorry. You’re Sorry!! Look at these scars!! Look at it!! You and Sun Have permanently marked my body!! I have more gruesome scars on my body then all the opponents here combined!! You know what’s worse. The scar you left me hurts the most because you were my best friend. Back then you broke our friendship. Burn in Hell!!!

Metsu then puts his shirt back on and rushes to attack Goso. Goso drops his sword and begins to weep.

Metsu: are you giving up?

Goso: (Sobbing) Metsu I….can‘t fight you. Kill me I don’t deserve to live.

Metsu proceeds with the attacking. He hits Goso so many time that his entire body is full of blood. Barely hanging on to life Goso falls to the ground. Metsu then grabs his sword and aims it at Goso. And then pierce the ground missing Goso’s head by only a couple of inches.

Metsu: No. I won’t kill you. As much as I hate you right now I can’t stoop to your level. If you want to die, die at your own time. Just know that now you know how much pain I felt when you attacked me. Metsu is declared the victor and awaits his next battle. Goso was taken to the hospital nearby. Pinkstripe had been there to heal and comfort him. Goso awakens.

Goso: …why didn’t he kill me?

Pinkstripe: Goso don’t talk like that. You’re alive and that’s all that matters.

Goso: If I were him…

Pinkstripe: what!!? You would have killed yourself!! Well although I was mad at Metsu at first I completely understand where he’s coming from. You keep saying he should kill you but what would that have done but devastate me and Disciple. Were your friends!!! You seem to forget that your life affects others as well as yourself. I love you and if anything ever happened to you I don’t know what I would do.

Goso: …Pinkstripe I didn’t know you felt that way. I guess I am just afraid that Metsu would have killed me as I tried to kill him back then but he spared my life. I am so grateful.

As Pinstripe and Goso continued their conversation Metsu and Robin began talking in the stands.

Robin: Metsu I had no idea how much he scared you. I…

Metsu: don’t feel sorry for me. I don’t want pity from such a close friend. Treat me like I am the same Metsu from before, cause I am.

Robin: I will. But what are you going to do about Goso?

Metsu: I took out my anger already. Now I could care less what happens to him. Honestly I don’t hold a grudge against him anymore because I can see that he was truly sorry.

Robin: you’re such a good friend.

Metsu begins laughing and as the conversation goes on they see Disciple and X coming from afar.

X: Metsu so how did it go? I was in the hospital the entire time so I didn’t see your match.

Disciple:  I hope you didn’t kill Goso.

Metsu: No. I just took out my anger at him. Now I am ok.

X: just as I said.

Disciple: yep you were right. Everything turned out fine. But that’s just one problem. We still have to worry about Rain.

At that point Goso and Pinkstripe returned from the hospital.

Goso: Hey everybody. Metsu can I talk to you in private please?

Metsu: sure.

As Goso and Metsu walk to a private place Pinkstripe and Robin begin to gossip.

Robin: you know what they are going to talk about don’t you?

Pinkstripe: of course. Do you think after what happened to them that Metsu and Goso will be friends again?

Robin: it depends. Boys usually don’t hold grudges like us girls do. But Metsu was really mad at Goso for what he did. So it can go either way.

Pinkstripe: you’re right. Let’s hope luck is on our side.

Just then Goso and Metsu begin to talk.

Goso: Metsu I know I can’t say this enough but I’m…

Metsu: don’t worry about it that’s all water under the bridge now.

Goso: I know I’m asking for a lot but is it possible for us to be…

Metsu: friends again? Your right you’re asking for a lot but I think we can do that as long as you keep your promise.

Goso: yeah of course. Honestly I didn’t mean to attack you but I was upset at the fact that Saturn died. How do you do it?

Metsu: do what?

Goso: how are you so strong? You lost Mars and it didn’t even phase you.

Metsu: It did hurt me, but I know that if he was alive that he wouldn’t want me moping around over his death. He is in a better place now. So is Saturn.

Goso: I never thought of it that way. Can I tell you something secret?

Metsu: now that were friends you can tell me. I promise I won’t tell anyone.

Goso: well Pinkstripe …said she loves me.

Metsu: and Pinkstripe is?

Goso: oh yeah you don’t know what happened these last 3 years.

Goso and Metsu then tell each other what happened over the last 3 years while Pinkstripe and Robin continue their gossip.

Pinkstripe: um…Robin can you keep a secret?

Robin: yeah sure.

Pinkstripe: I told Goso that I loved him.

Robin: No way. I always thought you’d make a good couple. Well what did he say tell me everything?

Pinkstripe: well he said that he didn’t know I felt that way. But after that we talked about another subject because we were both nervous. Anyway how about you and Metsu?

Robin: were friends that’s all.

Pinkstripe: ah come on everyone knows you and Metsu like each other.

Robin: seriously we have a good time together and going out will just complicate things.

Pinkstripe: so you do like him but don’t want to complicate things.

Robin: yes…I mean no…I mean I don’t know.

Pinkstripe: (laughing) ha ha ha.

Robin: shut up.

As Robin and Pinkstripe continue laughing Goso and Metsu return.

Goso: hey what’s so funny?

Robin: nothing. So you guys cool?

Metsu: yeah were cool.

Just then X and Disciple come from the Arena and said.

X: Metsu and Goso.

Metsu and Goso: yes?

Disciple: get prepared you are going to fight each other again.

Metsu and Goso: what!!!?

X: we know you fought each other already but while you were talking the officials began talking and were disappointed at the battle you guys had.

Disciple: he gave the audience the choice to either let you battle again or go straight to the next match.

X: as you probably guessed, due to popular demand you have to battle again, but this time if you don’t fight at your hardest your rank will greatly decrease.

Metsu: you can’t be serious. But I and Goso are exhausted.

Goso: yeah. When do we battle anyway?

X: in an hour. If I were you I would use Pinkstripe to heal all your wounds.

Pinkstripe: good idea. Goso I will start with you.

Goso: ok.

Pinkstripe then cured any wounds left by Metsu. Pinkstripe then proceeds to Metsu when he said:

Metsu: I’m ok.

Pinkstripe: No. I want to heal you. Don’t let your ego get in the way.

Metsu: it’s not that. It’s just that the only wounds I still have are the scars left by Onix and Goso. And you can’t cure that.

Pinkstripe: I can try.

Pinkstripe then uses her staff to try and cure Metsu. At first nothing happened but Pinkstripe then puts her hand on Metsu’s wounds and uses all the energy she had and surprisingly all of Metsu scares left by Sun were healed, but the one left by Goso still remained.

Pinkstripe: sorry that is all I can cure.

Metsu then hugs Pinkstripe saying:

Metsu: I…I can’t thank you enough. You made me look normal again.

Robin: Metsu…

Pinkstripe: I wish I can cure this large scar across your chest.

Metsu: what are you talking about? I have 18 less scars then before. This scar is a reminder of my and Goso’s friendship.

Robin: how? It’s a scar.

Metsu: yes, but we overcame this. Which means we can overcome anything.

 X: it’s time. Try your hardest. Oh and so you know. Whoever wins is going to have to go against Rain.

Metsu: I heard of him. 8 years ago he was the champion right?

Pinkstripe: yeah unfortunately.

Goso and Metsu: …?

Robin: long story but the point is that Rain is no ordinary fighter.

Metsu: let’s worry about that later right now we have a battle.

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