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A Dark Nova is Found  by Kingike2689

Chapter 4: A Dark Nova Found

Metsu: How is it that you can sense my spirit energy from miles away but you can’t sense the Dark Nova in this village?

Rita: you are the descendant of Nesir the most powerful Nova of them all. He has so much spirit energy that I could sense your spirit energy from a far distance. This specific Dark Nova is not as powerful. But I can barely sense his spirit energy so I know that he or she is here. We are going to have to wait and when we get a big enough signal we’ll let you know.

Metsu: that’s gonna take a while.

X: not if they attack the town.

Pinkstripe: like that will ever happen.

Just then a huge explosion can be heard from a distance.

X: speak of the devil.

They all rushed to the area of the explosion and found a woman dressed in a red attire and had long yellow hair. She had a special sword that resembled a sacred sword. The only difference between her sword and a sacred sword was the hilt design. She was able to escape before they could catch her. They then Begin chasing her.

Rita: don’t let her escape. Hurry we have to catch her.

Metsu: she’s fast. How are we going to catch her if we can barely see her?

Rita: my senses will guide us. Follow me.

They continue chasing for miles as she goes further and further. They are then stopped by a group of Bandits. They reveal their name to be Fred, Philip, and Greg.

Greg: stop right there.

Philip: we will not let you hurt our leader Lisa.

Pinkstripe: Lisa?

Fred: Lisa is the woman you’re chasing. She is our leader. We will willingly give our lives to protect her.

Comet: move or suffer the consequence.

Metsu: no our only target is the Dark Nova. We will not spill any unnecessary blood.

Fred: we won’t let you hurt her no matter what. She saved us when we were dying.

X: interesting.

Philip: she has trained us in the art of swordsmanship so we know how to defend ourselves.

Greg: we will kill whoever attacks her.

Pinkstripe: maybe we’re wrong. Maybe we should leave her alone.

Rita: it doesn’t make sense. They say that she saved them but she just destroyed a small part of that town. It just doesn’t add up.

Greg: she was just defending herself she is a wanted person.

Comet: now I’m confused. How exactly is she a wanted person but still a good person?

Philip: Lisa has had a hard life. She had to steal just to survive because she doesn’t have a lot of money.

X: hmm. Something just doesn’t feel right.

Fred: please leave here. Lisa is not to be disturbed.

Metsu: alright.

Pinkstripe: Metsu we can’t do that. We have to capture her.

Metsu: (whispering) we already know where she is so we can apprehend her whenever we want. We could try later when these goons have left.

Pinkstripe: got ya.

So then Metsu and everyone else left and went back to town. In town Metsu and the others go to the inn and rest. At around midnight Metsu woke up and started to take a walk around town. At the gate he sees Rita and they begin to talk.

Metsu: Rita. What are you doing up so late?

Rita: I should ask you the same thing.

Metsu: I asked you first.

Rita: (laughing) well I always wake up by this time. I like looking at the stars, especially when I have a lot on my mind. What about you?

Metsu: I just needed to take a walk. I like walking around when I have a lot on my mind too.

Rita: so what are you thinking about now?

Metsu: a lot. In the last 3 and a half years my life has changed dramatically. A lot has happened and I sometimes wish I could just…

Rita: relive the good ole days where you had no responsibilities.

Metsu: yeah. I wish that I didn’t have to fight all the time. Lars, my brother, always taught me to fight only in self defense. Not only to defend myself but others too. It seems like every day I’m fighting people and I wish I could just end it.

Rita: I feel the same way. When I was young everyone in my village already knew I was a descendant of a Nova. Because they knew I had all this power they feared me and my mom who was living with me at the time. Life was hell for me and I didn’t know what to do to stop them from hating me. Every night I would cry my eyes out because of this power. But my mom always told me to be proud of whom I am. At my 10th Birthday My house was raided by a Dark Nova. He killed my mother who too had my Nova powers. I wasn’t in the house by the time because I was getting supplies for my mom. By the time I got back it was too late. She was dead and all I remember was seeing blood on the floor. I was so upset I ran away from my village and moved from village to village living in poverty. The Dark Nova didn’t look for me because he didn’t know I existed. I did some research and I learned about the Dark Novas. Since then I have dedicated my life to stopping the Dark Novas. A little after I left I found Comet in the same situation I was in. He was in a small town. We instantly became friends and promised we look out for each other. I stole this sacred sword when I was about 10 from a master swordsman. I wanted to sell it for money but learned how powerful it was and decided to use it. I have been training with both the sacred sword and my Nova powers mastering them both over time. Days like this I wish I was there to protect her. My mom I mean.

Metsu: you can’t change the past. But that being said I’m sorry for what happened to you though.

Rita: yeah I know, just don’t treat me any different than before. I learned to live with it.

Metsu: I understand. You know you and I are alike.

Rita: I guess.

Metsu: think about it I lost Mars while you lost your mom and over time we got stronger due to their death.

Rita: now that I think about it your right we are a lot alike.

Metsu and Rita begin laughing together and both smile feeling that they both found someone who finally understands their pain. Just then Rita senses that Lisa is nearby.

Rita: she’s here.

Metsu: where?

Lisa: here.

Lisa appeared behind Metsu and Rita.

Rita: why are you here?

Lisa I heard you were looking for me. I decided to make things easier and come to you. why are you looking for me?

Rita: we have come here to defeat you.

Lisa: if you wish to fight then follow me.

Metsu: fine.

Rita: hold on, what of the others?

Metsu: we can handle it on our own.

Rita: if you say so.

Just then Lisa begins running like last time but this time Metsu and Rita are able to catch up to her. They all ran a couple of yards away from the village and arrive at a small canyon where they prepare to fight. Metsu then said:

Metsu: before we battle I wanted to ask what you and the other Dark Novas were planning.

Lisa: that’s confidential. but seeing as how you’re going to die by me anyway, might as well tell you a little bit. We’re going to conquer or destroy Berlonia. By destroying Berlonia we destroy the strongest swordsmen in the world thus meaning that no one will be able to stop us.

Rita: Stop you from doing what?

Lisa: wouldn’t you like to know. Besides you won’t live long enough to see it anyway.

Metsu: At least tell us why you have been trying to partner up with the other Dark Novas.

Lisa: all I can say is that we have a common goal. Our leader’s goal is our goal.

Metsu: leader? You mean…

Lisa: yeah him the descendant of Aglaeca the King of the Underworld.

Metsu: King of the Underworld?

Rita: He is the one who was Nesir’s equal.

Metsu: Has he mastered his abilities.

Lisa: of course, years ago. He found me a couple of years ago and even then I could not defeat him. All the Dark Novas he found attempted to defeat him but all lost miserably. But that’s another story.

Before the battle began Rita and Metsu began discussing amongst themselves.

Rita: something’s not right.

Metsu: what?

Rita: I’m just thinking that it’s a bit weird that she not only came to us instead of us coming to her, but she also chose the destination where we should fight at.

Metsu: I see what you mean. Be ready for anything.

Rita: got ya.

Lisa then uses her sword on Rita. Rita however was able to block the attack. Metsu instantly noticed that it resembled a sacred sword and said:

Metsu: what’s with your sword. It looks like a sacred sword but is slightly different.

Lisa: you have good eyes. It is a Sacred Sword.

Metsu: but that’s impossible we’ve collected them all. we should be in possession of all the Sacred swords but the Sacred sword that holds the Dove of light.

Lisa: This one is artificially made. We infused this sword with a spirit in it after we killed the beast.

Rita: you mean to tell me that you killed a beast just to create your own sacred sword. How horrible.

Lisa: fool. what you care for beast now?

Metsu: what are you guys talking about? What beast?

Rita: remember when the entire sacred beasts died.

Metsu: yeah.

Rita: well after their death all the remaining beast stayed in their own habitat which is in a large island on the other side of the globe. And the beast she’s talking about is one of those beast without sacred beast powers.

Metsu: do you want power that badly that you would intentionally killed an innocent beast to do so?

Lisa: but of course. They are nothing but weapons to us Dark Novas. With these powers you have no chance against me, prepare yourself.

Lisa then continues to attack Rita. Metsu comes to help Rita by attacking Lisa from behind, but she blocked him grabbing his forearm. Lisa continues with her barrage on Rita and Metsu damaging both of them slightly. As she was winning the battle, Lisa then unveils her special ability which allows her to resemble the beast infused in her sword. She now looks more like a tiger because the beast inside her is a tiger.

Rita: what’s going on?

Lisa: because my beast is not a sacred beast it has no special powers. I also have to unlock its abilities unlike sacred swords which give you the ability as soon as you wield it. However it allows me to transform my body into that of my beast. Along with that I also receive a huge power and speed boost. All of our altered sacred swords have the same ability but specific beasts have better natural ability than others. So my sword may be stronger than another swordsman’s sword.

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