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Rebuilding  by Kingike2689

The Lone Wolf Part 2 (Rise of the Dark Novas)

Chapter 1: Rebuilding

During this time Metsu and the others have recuperated since the battle with Rain. Everyone decided to stay in Robin’s old village and repair it using a portion of the money Metsu, Goso, X and Disciple gained when in the Arena. Everyone was doing their part with one person getting supplies and others repairing old buildings. As they were staying repairing the broken buildings Robin asked X about Rain.

Robin: X is it ok if you can tell me what happened between you and Rain. And I mean the whole story.

X: Why do you want to know?

Robin: I’m just so curious. I’m getting tired of being left in the dark. I just want to know what happened, that’s all.

X: …ok. Well first of all I’m sure you heard about the war that happened between the swordsmen and samurai right?

Robin: yeah I remember.

X: well that war started due to an incident that happened between the two leaders.

Robin: you guys keep saying that “incident”. What exactly happened?

X: well the Samurai leader died by the Swordsman leader’s hands.

Robin: but why?

X: well the Samurai leader was trying to assassinate the swordsman leader but the swordsman leader caught on and battled him. After an hour, the battle ended with the samurai’s death. But the Samurai’s assistant, who was there at the time of the battle, told the rest of the samurai that the swordsman leader killed the samurai leader over leadership of both the swordsman and samurai’s together. Disciple thought something was fishy so he was curious on what happened for real. After we fought I told him what really happened and he knew I was telling the truth and switched sides. As you already know the swordsmen won because my and Disciple’s combined strength was too much for the samurai.

Robin: so where does Rain come in.

X: Rain was an extraordinary solider in that war. He was on the swordsmen side. Although I was the general he was our secret weapon.

Robin: he was that strong even without a sacred sword?

X: yeah. After the war, as you already know, he came across a sacred sword.

Robin: how’d he get it?

X: I don’t know. But after he got it he was too powerful for all of us. As he began using it I noticed his demeanor was getting darker and darker. Over time he would fight swordsmen for no reason. I even heard he killed a family in a small town but I didn’t believe it at the time but now I know that it’s true. He would take his sword everywhere and guard it with his life. I and Disciple even advised him to use another sword but he refused. He trained with his sword more than the entire Dojo (excluding me and Disciple) combined. When he became strong enough he ended up easily beating me and Disciple during our practice battles. From that point on, the students kept a close eye on Me, Disciple and Rain. A couple of weeks later Disciple over heard from someone that an entire village was destroyed. I went to the village as soon as I heard and saw Rain there. I asked him: “Rain…did you do this?” He laughed and said: “no. what are you talking about why would I do that?”  I foolishly believed that he was telling the truth. I went back to the Dojo and told everyone that I didn’t know who did it. The next morning the entire Dojo was standing in front of me saying: we should’ve known it was you. I asked them what was going on and they said “don’t play dumb we know you destroyed that town.” I said “where did you get that idea from.” They said that Rain told them that he saw me come out of the town after it was destroyed. I was shocked because I defended him and he stabbed me in the back. I tried telling them what happened but only Disciple believed me and he alone could not change their minds. They said this to me: “once a killer always a killer.” I had to fend off the entire Dojo to prevent them from capturing me. I told Disciple before I left to be careful for Rain. From then on I moved from place to place constantly fighting off bounty hunters and officials just to stay alive. I always hated Rain since then because he did that to me. But sometimes I feel guilty because I felt that he got that from me when I was in the war. That’s one of the reasons why I changed my ways.

Robin: You shouldn’t feel guilty I don’t think it was you, I think the sword itself corrupted him.

X: You’re probably right. But that’s all in the pass now. Let’s focus on the here and now.

Robin: thanks X for the talk.

X: yeah yeah.

As Robin and X continued repairing the village Goso and Disciple began talking.

Disciple: Goso you’re a very noble man.

Goso: …thank you?

Disciple: sorry I mean what you did for us back then when we were fighting Rain. How you defended Metsu from the attack using your own body.

Goso: it was nothing. Saturn always told me if I have the power to protect someone then I should use it by all means.

Disciple: what happened to you when you were young? You never talk about that.

Goso: … well I guess I can tell you. Unlike Metsu and Robin I don’t come from a famous family. And unlike you and X, I wasn’t a veteran in a war. I was just a normal boy living with his parents who loved me very much. We spend a lot of time together.

Disciple: seems like you had a good childhood.

Goso: well at first I did but my father was telling me about a secret cave in a waterfall he found a year before I was born. At the end of this cave he found a fountain. This fountain was known as the fountain of youth. He said that he read the inscription that said: “all who drink from this fountain will gain the powers of youth.” My father drank from this fountain and was able to use our signature technique for the first time “Kid Ying”.

Disciple: so how can you use it?

Goso: once the power is obtained it becomes genetic. So he passed the power to me. Unfortunately someone found out about the cave and my father dedicated his life to protecting this secret so that it doesn’t get into the wrong hands. The Village leader later was told about our secret and he ordered his servants to kidnap my father but my father was persistent and was able to escape. My mother though was not so lucky. Once they had her they interrogated her and she wouldn’t talk. After hours of interrogation they killed her and kidnapped me. Once my father heard of my mom’s kidnapping he willingly turned himself in. but what he didn’t know was that they already killed her and kidnapped me. They then told him that if he doesn’t tell them where the secret cave was that they would kill me too. He then proceeded to tell them everything. After he told them everything they killed him. While all this was happening I was in a cell being monitored by three solders. Saturn, who was working as a soldier at the time came in my cell and told me that he was ordered to kill me. I stood there waiting for him to finish me but he decided to help me. He killed all the soldiers and the village leader so that no one knew about the fountain of youth. He then brought me to his home and said that he would take care of me from now on. I asked him why he saved me. He told me “you have the same eyes as me”. What he meant by that is that we are both the same. He took care of me ever since. I asked Saturn for one more favor while we were still in the Dragon village. I asked him to destroy the secret cave along with the fountain itself which he did. All that remained of my father was his glass sword which I carry around me everywhere as a memento.

Disciple: I see why you don’t like talking about it. I’m sorry.

Goso: don’t be. Saturn was there for me since then. That’s why we were so close. Anyway let’s continue the repairs.

Disciple: ok.

Disciple began thinking of what Goso told him while this was going on Metsu and Pinkstripe briefly leaving the village to get some supplies begin talking.

Pinkstripe: um Metsu.

Metsu: yeah.

Pinkstripe: how do you feel about Robin?

Metsu: well I see her as a friend.

Pinkstripe: just a friend?

Metsu: … to be honest I really don’t know. I and Robin have a weird relationship.

Pinkstripe: well I think she likes you a lot.

Metsu: well I like her a lot too.

Pinkstripe: so why not ask her out?

Metsu: I just don’t want to put labels on our relationship. I mean yeah I like to go further in our relationship but I want to take it slow and Robin understands that.

Pinkstripe: why not share your love with the whole world?

Metsu: the same reason why you and Goso don’t.

Pinkstripe: but I told Goso how I felt about him, why not tell Robin you have feelings for her.

Metsu: I don’t know. I want to but I just can’t find the courage to tell her.

Pinkstripe: how is it that you can find the courage to fight swordsmen who have killed many other swordsmen, but you can’t find the courage to tell Robin you love her?

Metsu: look not to be mean but don’t rush me. When the time is right I will tell her, so stop talking about it already.

Pinkstripe: sorry I just want you two to be happy.

Metsu: and we are.

Pinkstripe: Metsu can I ask you something?

Metsu: what is it?

Pinkstripe: why are you so serious all the time?

Metsu: what do you mean?

Pinkstripe: well you rarely smile, you’re usually by yourself somewhere and when it comes conversations you always seem so cold. Honestly I’m just curious on why you behave that way.

Metsu: …I guess …well when I was training with X he always told me that I was alone in this world and that I can only depend on myself and after losing Mars I …

Pinkstripe: it’s ok to show some sort of vulnerability. I know losing Mars was hard but you have us to fill the void. Or at least Robin. She really cares about you.

Metsu: she said that?

Pinkstripe: no, but I’m sure she feels that way.

Metsu: …I feel the same way.

Pinkstripe: don’t tell me tell Robin.

Metsu: …alright, I’ll do it. Thanks Pinkstripe.

Pinkstripe: Sure no problem.

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