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The Strongest Clan  by Kingike2689

Chapter 3: The Strongest Clan

At that moment everyone left the village and go to their destinations. Metsu and co. arrives at the Chimera village. The Chimera village was full of people constantly practicing swordsmanship. The village was big and had a giant Chimera stature in the middle of the village. All of the villagers were wearing red sleeveless jackets with a red scarf. They all had blue pants with red shoes. As Metsu and the others were entering the village they were greeted by the Village guard who said:

Village guard: welcome to the Chimera village. Where we constantly train and secure our seat as the strongest clan of them all.

Pinkstripe: strongest clan?

X: didn’t you know? The Chimera clan are easily the strongest clan of them all. followed by the Dinosaur and Dragon clan.

Metsu: even in terms of the Solar system swordsmen Jupiter was always the most difficult position to obtain. The only reason why Jupiter has never been Sun before was because he just never wanted to. Also in terms of leadership many thought it would be better to depend on Mars or Saturn because they seemed like natural leaders. Also of all of us Jupiter was the longest active Solar System Swordsmen. He’s been a Solar system Swordsmen for up to 10 years so he was more than capable of becoming Sun.

Pinkstripe: wow. But what of the representative? According to Goso, He along with you were considered the strongest representatives.

Metsu: that’s true we were, for the most part. The only reason why he didn’t mention the Chimera representative was because Erick, the Representative of Chimera, was not the type of person who talked to others much. He would practice by himself and keep to himself. So we never knew how powerful he was.

Rita: that’s interesting. So how powerful was Jupiter?

Metsu: incredibly powerful, but he never fought with the other Solar System Swordsmen seriously though, so we never saw how powerful he  really was. But even then he was the third most powerful swordsmen of them all.

Rita: that’s strange, the Chimera clan pride themselves on training but they never fight anyone seriously.

Metsu: I think that was just in Jupiter’s and Erick’s case.

Village guard: you can rest up in the inn if you like.

X: alright let’s go to the inn.

Everyone: alright.

Everyone then proceeded to go to the inn and rest up. Metsu and Rita however decided to test their skills against the other Chimera clan members. Metsu met them at the fighting circle and said:

Metsu: hey what’s up. I’m Metsu and this is Rita. We were wondering if we could train with you guys for a bit.

Women: sure. My name is Paula by the way.

Metsu: ok so what do you guys do here.

Paula: we have sparing rounds and in those rounds we decide a winner. With ever victory you face off against another opponent and continue to do so until you face me, the champion. Which one of you would like to start off first?

Rita: I’ll start.

Paula: ok. you first opponent will be Whitney. Oh and by the way you are forbidden from using any Sacred Swords of any kind. So I would have to ask you to hand over your weapon.

Rita: why not?

Paula: it gives you an unfair advantage. In this circle we all use the same swords.

Rita: oh ok. here you go.

Rita then handed over her Sword to Paula and was given a regular sword.

Paula: Good luck.

Rita then was ready for battle as Whitney came into the circle. Whitney is a beginner swordsman who has no experience whatsoever. She took her sword and rushed in and tried to attack Rita. But Rita, being an experienced swordsman, was able to dodge with ease and attacked Whitney from behind. Whitney was hit but got up and rushed in again. Rita the swung her sword upward causing Whitney’s sword to go upward as well. she then punched Whitney so hard she fell to the ground. Whitney was too weak to move and with that Rita was considered the winner. Paula then said:

Paula: looks like you’re not so weak after all. but that was just the first fighter. You still have a long way to go before you’re good enough to fight me. Tell me when you’re ready and we could then go to the next fight.

Rita: I’m ready now.

Paula: no rest needed. Ok here’s the next fighter. His name is Leon. He is a moderate swordsman who should prove to be a challenge for someone like you.

Rita: ok let’s go.

Leon then came into the circle and took out his sword. unlike Whitney he didn’t rush in, actually he didn’t move at all. Leon was waiting for Rita to make a move. Rita saw that he was doing this and decided to attack first. As she thought, he countered her attack and continue attacking until Rita was too far away from him. He then again waited patiently for her to make a move so that he could counter. Rita then had to think of a way to attack him without worrying about his countering. She then closed her eyes and began to think of a way to attack him. Then she opened her eyes and rushed in to attack him. Once again Leon prepared to counter her, but to his surprise she ran right past him. He was confused and turned around to attack her. But she countered him. he fell to the ground and received little damage but before he could get up she continued to attack him over and over again. Leon received a couple of hits but was able to dodge the rest. He got back up and saw Rita rushing towards him again. He then continued moving backwards so that she wouldn’t be able to run past him again. Rita then stopped right in front of him. Leon the saw this as an opportunity to attack her which he did. Rita then bent over backwards in order to dodge the attack and then countered him causing him to fall to the ground. He the lost consciousness. Rita was then considered the winner. Paula then said:

Paula: wow. You can even adapt to certain situations. Tell me when you’re ready for the next fight.

Rita: I’m ready now.

Paula: I understand that we underestimated you but I seriously suggest that you take a rest. Even if it’s only a few minutes.

Rita: but…

Metsu: it’s alright Rita. Just a few minutes.

Rita: fine.

Rita then tended to her wounds and sat down next to Metsu as he said:

Metsu: where did you learn how to fight like that?

Rita: I trained myself. I had to fend for myself so I was always fighting people in order to stay alive.

Metsu: so that explains why you’re able to fight different types of fighters.

Rita: exactly. Well I rested enough. Time for my next match.

Metsu: good luck.

Rita: thanks.

Paula then told Rita who the next fighter was. Paula said:

Paula: you will be fighting the strongest fighter of us all, with the exception of myself, Jim. He has only lost to the likes of me and no one else. He is a former Solar System Swordsman and is able to demolish most any fighter. Good luck you’re going to need it.

Metsu: you sure you’re up for this Rita?

Rita: of course I am.

Rita then went into the circle and was ready for her next match. Jim then entered the circle and took out his sword ready to attack Rita. Jim then rushed towards Rita and prepared to attack. Rita then took her sword and readied herself to counter him. she then swung her sword trying to counter him but Jim dodged with ease and attacked her with his sword. his swing was so fast that she couldn’t even see the blade. Rita was hit and lost a lot of blood with that attack. Rita refusing to give up stood up and took her stance once again. Jim then rushed to her again preparing to attack. Rita began to worry, thinking he’ll just counter her attack again, and decided to rush to him as well. Jim attacked her, but Rita anticipated that and was actually able to dodge by jumping on the blade itself. She then propelled herself over him and attacked him from above. Jim tried to counter but she fell to him too fast for him to attack her. He received major damage from the attack. But was still able to fight. Metsu watching this thought:

Metsu: (wow. I never would’ve expected her to attack him from above. She is just full of surprises.)

Jim then surprised everyone by actually throwing his sword to Rita. Rita was confused and easily deflected the attack with her sword. but as she did that Jim ran to her and grabbed the sword as she deflected it and attacked her. But Rita was too quick for him and used the sheathe of the sword to block the attack. She then kicked him and attacked him. Jim deflected the attack, but to his surprise Rita attacked him with her sheathe in order for him to block so that she can use her other hand, which held the sword, to attack him. she did and caused him serious damage. Jim fell to the ground and was out of energy. Rita was considered the winner. Paula said:

Paula: (…Incredible. Even Jim was defeated. Just who is she?) congrats. It seems even Jim was no match for you.

Rita then began to fall backwards having lost most of her energy. But before she hit the ground Metsu was able to grab her. Rita then had her wounds tended to. After a couple of minutes she woke up in Metsu’s arms. She said:

Rita: you were looking after me the whole time?

Metsu: yeah. I wanted to make sure you were ok.

Rita: (smiling) thanks.

Paula: Rita are you ready for the next match?

Rita: yeah I’m ready.

Paula: I’m happy to say that the only person you have yet to beat is me. The champion. Jim may have been a former Solar System Swordsmen, but I actually defeated Sun at one point.

Rita: The Sun.

Paula: yes. One time when he visited here and had a match with me. I was able to defeat him with ease.

Metsu: you mean you beat Onix?

Paula: yes. I was able to mop the floor with him.

Metsu: Rita be careful. I fought Onix before. He was one of the strongest fighters I’ve ever fought in my life and she beat him easily. Don’t take her lightly.

Rita: noted.

Paula: you ready?

Rita: yes I am.

Paula: ok. please enter the circle.

Rita then entered the circle and prepared for battle. She was slightly nervous remembering what Metsu said. “he was one of the strongest fighters I’ve ever fought in my life and she beat him. Don’t take her lightly.” She then took her sword and waited for Paula to make her move. Paula then began walking towards her. Rita then panicked and then rushed over to her to attack. But as she did that Paula attacked first. Luckily Rita was able to block but was pushed back do to the raw power that she possessed. Rita then quickly got up so that Paula would not take advantage of situation. Rita then rushed towards her preparing to attack. Paula then countered and damaged Rita slightly. Rita then tried to attack her again but Paula continued to counter her. Rita then stood still hoping to counter Paula if she chose to attack. Paula then began walking towards her once again. This time Rita waited for Paula to get closer. Paula continued to walk until she was about halfway into the circle. Then she began running towards Rita. Rita prepared herself for the attack. But Paula then moved to the side and attacked Rita. Rita didn’t expect her to move to the side and as a result received major damage. Rita then grabbed Paula and tried to attack her from the side. Paula however was able to stop the attack by ducking and flipping Rita causing her to fall to the ground. She then took her sword and attempted to stab her. Rita rolled on the ground and dodged the attack. Rita then kicked Paula to the ground and attacked her. Paula received some damage from the attack. Rita tried to attack Paula over and over again but Paula by dodging and blocking her attacks. Paula then took control of the battle and started to attack Rita seriously, causing massive damage. Rita was getting hurt left and right with blood spilling everywhere. Rita wasn’t ready to give up though, so she tried to attack Paula instead of going on the defensive. But even then she could not hurt Paula due to Paula being more experienced then she was. Rita tried everything she could but could not hit Paula but Rita would not give up. Rita then tried to kick sand in Paula’s eye. Paula had been blinded, due to the sand, temporarily. Rita took advantage and attacked her. But Paula anticipated that and used her ears to figure out where Rita was. She then tripped her and continued to kick and stab her. Paula then felt that Rita couldn’t take any more injuries, fearing that she could die. She turned around and began leaving. However Rita began slowly moving and used all of her energy to get up. As she was getting up she saw Metsu, who was watching the fight. Their eyes gazed and both of them smiled at each other. Both of them felt a sensation unlike ever before. Rita then found the strength to get up and fight once more. Paula was stunned at how persistent Rita was. She began getting frustrated and rushed to her. Rita then closed her eyes as Paula was running. Paula attacked her multiple times but Rita dodged all the attacks. Rita had finally gotten rid of all her fears and as a result began taking over the fight. She countered all of Paula’s attacks and attacked her non-stop. Paula tried all that she could but Rita was just too much for her to handle. After about an hour and after being hit by so many attacks Paula finally fell to the ground unconscious and Rita was then considered the winner. But immediately after Paula fell so did Rita who was exhausted. Rita then woke up in a bed at the infirmary and saw Metsu holding her Sacred Sword. she then said:

Rita: Metsu. how did I do?

Metsu: you did great. But you should rest. You had some serious injuries and I want to make sure you’re ok.

Rita: I’m fine trust me. Nova descendants tend to heal quickly. So are you going up against them next?

Metsu: no I’m good. Let’s just go back to the inn.

Rita: ok.

Metsu and a recovered Rita then went back to the inn. There X said:

X: where were you guys?

Metsu: we were training with the other Chimera clan members.

X: Alright. Next time tell us when your leaving.

While they were there Metsu said to Rita:

Metsu: hey Rita.

Rita: yes Metsu?

Metsu: why are we here anyway?

Rita: we have to travel around Berlonia and hope that we could find any Dark Novas on the way.

X: makes sense I guess.

As they were talking Rita senses something. She says:

Rita: one of the Dark Novas is here.

Metsu: there’re a lot of people around here. We’re going to have to ask around and see if anyone could give us some info on the Dark Nova.

Rita: no good. We can’t let anyone know about the Dark Novas and the fact that we’re pursuing them.

X: then how are we going to know whether or not there a Dark Nova.

Rita: you’ll have to stay here for a while and I and Comet try and sense everyone here.

Comet: if we suspect anyone we will tell you.

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