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Preliminary Rounds  by Kingike2689

Chapter 15: Preliminary Rounds

The competition then started and on the screen showed two random players come up. The match was Metsu vs. Lex. Both Metsu and Lex approached the main circle and began to battle. Metsu made the first move and attacked Lex. Metsu made contact and Lex flew through the wall and was knocked out. Metsu was then declared the winner.

Pinkstripe: Whoa. He ended the battle in seconds.

Disciple: So powerful…

Robin: this is nothing you should see when he is serious.

X: look Metsu is already ranked number 23. Amazing

Two more fighters then came up on the screen. A swordsman named Lewis and another named Donald. They both went to the circle and began to battle. Both swordsmen were strong. Both of them were equally matched. Lewis then caught Donald off guard with a surprise attack from behind and came out the victor. His rank was 30.

Disciple: Lewis won? Wow very interesting.

Robin: shh they are calling up the next fighters.

Two more names came up. And to everyone’s surprise it was Disciple and Linda.

Pinkstripe and Robin: Disciple!!?

Disciple: oh didn’t I mention that I registered as well.

Robin: you failed to mention that. Did you register too X?

X: yeah. Only because Disciple did.

Disciple: well wish me luck.

Everyone: good luck.

Disciple then went to the circle and given a standing ovation due to his previous rank as a swordsman. Disciple then gives thumbs up as if he had already one.

X: show off.

Linda then came into the circle. Then the battle started.

Robin: Pinkstripe have you ever seen Disciple fight?

Pinkstripe: no. I only saw him spar with Goso but even then he didn’t use his strongest swords.

Linda then rushed to Disciple attacking at an incredible speed. Disciple on the other hand was able to anticipate her moves and dodged ever attack. She tried again and again but was unable to hit Disciple.

Robin: I guess being blind must have heightened his hearing by a lot.

X: you have no idea.

Disciple then drew his sword (not the sacred sword) and attacked Linda. Surprisingly she was able to block the attack but Disciple’s attack was so strong that her sword broke into two. Because she no longer has a weapon she automatically loses.

Robin and Pinkstripe: whoa.

X: He is just toying with her. If he was serious she would have been hit too.

Pinkstripe: really?

X: He is my equal. So I know exactly how powerful he is.

Robin: how do you know so much about him?

X then explains how he and Disciple fought in the war. While that was happening the next names were shown on the screen. The two names were Goso and Tim

Robin: hey is that Goso?

Pinkstripe: yeah.

X: let us see how powerful he is.

The battle began and Tim used his attack barrel roll which he uses to roll with the sword in his hand charging towards Goso. At that moment Goso vanished.

Robin: where did he go?

Pinkstripe: you’ll see.

Goso reappears and puts away his sword. Tim stops in his tracks with numerous wounds on him. He is unconscious so the victor is Goso. He is ranked 24.

Disciple: what did I miss?

X: Goso won. He is ranked 24.

Disciple: Splendid. That’s Incredible.

X: I seemed to have noticed that he is using a glass weapon.

Disciple: he got it from his father before he passed away.

Pinkstripe: Now that you mention it. Was Metsu using a sacred sword?

Robin: yeah he got it in the ruins.

Disciple: Incredible. To be able wield a sacred sword… X you have taught him well.

The next names that showed up on the screen was X and Doomslayer.

X: looks like I’m up.

Disciple: good luck.

X and Doomslayer then went to the circle. As X entered the ring the crowd was silent and slightly horrified. Pinkstripe then said:

Pinkstripe: that’s strange. They gave you a standing ovation but they don’t say anything to X.

Disciple: they don’t like X as much as they like me.

Robin: (I can imagine why).

before the battle started Doomslayer recognized X and instantly forfeited. Doomslayer said:

Doomslayer: I know you! your X the Assassin that no one ever sees coming. It’s not worth it. I give up.

X: Fine by me.

Pinkstripe: what? Why would he quit?

Disciple: wise choice.

Pinkstripe: why?

Disciple: well X is not nearly lenient as I am. He most of the time will instantly kill his opponent.

Robin: he’s right. I remember when we were still fighting the Solar system swordsmen and he was fighting the new Saturn alone that he killed her without any remorse. Mind you the new Saturn was a little girl who was about 10 years old, X just killed her in seconds without any guilt.

Pinkstripe: how cruel. How can you feel safe around him?

Disciple: it’s only when he gets serious and he would never attack a comrade.

The competition continued as the preliminary rounds were finished. Metsu, Goso, X, and Disciple all made it to the next round. They were given a intervention as Metsu decided to take a walk and get some fresh air. As he was walking he met up with Robin. Robin said:

Robin: hey Metsu congratulations on making it to the next round.

Metsu: thanks Robin. So what you been up to? I didn’t see you in the stands. Where are you guys sitting?

Robin: (Guys? Oh no does he know about Disciple and Pinkstripe. Ok just act cool) Guys what guys?

Metsu: (what’s with Robin?) you guys. as in you and X.

Robin: (oh X. duh what was I thinking? what a relief for a second there I thought he knew about them): Oh you mean him. Yeah were at the side of the stands. Just look to your right and you’ll find us.

Metsu: ok I’ll look for you next time.

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