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"The new guy at work : The meeting"

The new guy at work : Caution  by Kimmy1504

Brian’s actions throughout the day had proved what everyone else had been saying about him. He was lazy, rude and very entitled. Jen stormed up to Cathy, her face was like thunder. “What’s up with you?” Cathy asked her friend quietly.
“you know, you’re lucky you’re getting out of here, I asked that dick over there what his plans with the store were and he told me that he wants to get rid of all the staff and get new ones in” Cathy could hear the anger in her friend’s voice and didn’t like it.
“do you think he is going to try and find ways to get rid of people then?” Cathy asked, rather stupidly.
“I dunno babes, but you’re lucky you’re going”
“You realise that Nick was right, Brian cant know about what’s been going on between us”
Nick was the senior supervisor of the store, him and Cathy had been flirting for months and had finally decided that they should get together. Things were becoming more and more serious between the two lovers. Cathy hadn’t gone back to her Dad’s house in nearly two months and she was leaving her current job in order to work full time, allowing the two to rent their own flat. Jen interrupted Cathy’s thoughts by asking “what do you think we should do?”
“Show him up” replied Cathy, “work really hard and follow my lead” Both Cathy and Jen did whatever they could in order to get as many sales between them as they could. Each girl had a designated area of the store to look after and to communicate with as many customers as possible, all the time while Brian was out in the office and Rob was still day dreaming about his date with the “gorgeous Sam”. Both girls managed to make over £1000 each hour they were left to it. This sent the store figures sky high and while in the short term, this was likely to reflect well on Brian, Cathy was going to speak to the head of retail about the day and tell him about the new boss’s attitude and the way he spends his working time.
Finally the working day came to a close, and even though he shouldn’t have, Brian had told Jen to cash up the tills. Now this was against protocol any way as it was the responsibility of the management team to cash up, Jen was only a part time worker, like Cathy, and even though Cathy hated to admit it, even she knew that Jen had sticky fingers when it came to money. Something snapped inside Cathy, and she automatically worked alongside Jen making sure that no money would go missing. Catherine was annoyed enough that Brian had neglected to work all day, but it topped it off with his blatant abuse of managerial powers. After counting and re-counting the money, both girls noticed that something didn’t add up. Brian was called over and was needed to sort out the problem. As it turned out, Jen had entered the figures wrong and it just needed correcting. This made Cathy feel slightly easier, that was until Brian had gathered up all of the days takings and put  it in the front pocket of his black suit trousers.
“Umm, excuse me, I hope I didn’t just see you put that money in your pocket” Cathy confronted Brian.
“well why not, safest place for it I think” Brian shrugged Cathy off, which angered her even more.
“Actually, I personally do not think that the money is safe in your pocket at all, I mean if any of that goes missing, the finger of blame will be pointed straight to myself or Jen, and I don’t want that hanging over my head thank you very much”. This time Cathy wasn’t joking and it was clear in her voice, not even Brian could mistake it. All the time Jen was hitting Cathy gently on the leg, signalling to her that it was time to stop taking, but Cathy was ignoring the hint, she was starting to see red.
“Well Catherine, if you think that you have no worries, if anything goes missing, I shall be the one to be held accountable as I am the manager of the store, and in charge of the shift today”
“Well if you were that keen on being a manager, maybe you should have taken on the whole responsibility today” Cathy interrupted.
“Look at the till, I am the one logged on, it’s my name that is being shown...” Brian’s voice was low and meaningful.
“I think you may be mistaken, your name isn’t anywhere on this till, the name I can see is “Craig Dawson” as the manager not “Brian French” you know so I’m still seeing Craig as the manager!”
Brian was taken aback at Cathy’s bluntness and walked away, still with the taking in his trouser pocket. Cathy knew she now had to be cautious when she was at work. Be polite and get on with her job, but there was no way she could like this man. The others had been right. Brian was not to be trusted.

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Date created: Nov. 9, 2011
Date published: Nov. 9, 2011
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Tags: boss, friendship, money, romance, trust, work
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