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Howling Fun.  by KillerStephyBoo

Savannah had her white muzzle pressed to the icy Alaskan tundra sniffing, she felt the danger down in her bones it was why she shifted to see what the hell it was and if she could provent it from getting to her pack. The Alaskan pack was the largest in the western hemisphere and second in the world. Savannah took pride in her ability as Alpha to keep her pack safe from danger and she wasn't going to let this invader just walk into her lands and do what they wished, not this time. Savannah's father pushed his lands pasted the two hundred and sixty arces promised by the Alaskan government now the pack ruled all of Alaska pretty much, only the Kodiak island was untouched by Savannah's wolves. Savannah didn't need to turn before she felt her partner, her best friend, her Beta at her side nose up and ears flicking and listening. What is it Anna? Elizabeth's worried voice flooded Savannah's head. Savannah raised her large white head to look at the solid black slighty smaller wolf. I'm not sure yet 'liz. Savannah pawed at the ice packed lands and begain pacing in a increasingly large circle, Liz sat at the center of her alpha's circle watching closely. Waiting. Savannah heard the crack of the rifle before she could take another step, her head snapped toward 'Liz as the cry left her throat. Fury slept and covered every inch of Savannah's body, soul and mind as she turned sharply and lifted her head and let out a long percing howl telling her pack to get to her, and now. Savannah lowered her head and saw a group of three men in a triangle formation, the man on the left looked sad and scared yet mystified, the man on the right had a rope and a sled led by a sled dog team, her team that she had allowed her brother to rent out to people that wanted to see Alaska the natural way, and the man in the middle had a shot gun loaded and pointed at her, she knew he couldn't shot unless she was exposing herself and she wasn't going to. 'Liz needed her, even if she was slowly slipping into dreamland hang on 'Liz Darick and the others are on their way, she sent to her beta as she lowered herself her lips ripping from her teeth and she fur all on end Anna..go hide.. 'Liz sent back as she tried to stand for the umteenth time, stay down 'LIz! she growled back at her and took a step back as the men on the right took a step forward, the man on the left took a step back as another warning growl ripped through her throat, the man in the middle kicked him and sent him toward her once again. "Crosby, grow a pair and get her to turn so we can **** shot the mutt and take her, before we have a pack to deal with." he ordered. "Come on girl, please just turn..I don't want to hurt you.." he tried talking to her, as if she was a trained dog, and that just sent more rage through her, she lifted her head and howled again only out of pure anger the short percing sound sent all three men covering their ears with their hands. "Williams! Start toward her black one! She is protecting it!" The man with the ropes twisted slowly and headed toward 'Liz causing Savannah to turn and leap at him, she heard the shot and felt the fire before she thought about what she was doing. Savannah growled as the man, Williams tired her up and put her on the sled, The man in the middle growled and with a bat sent it landing on her head, sending her world totally black. 'Liz watched in horror as her Alpha was taken away before her too slipped into the darkness.

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Date created: Dec. 4, 2010
Date published: Dec. 4, 2010
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Tags: alpha, beta, elizabeth, savannah, wolves
Word Count: 713
Times Read: 311
Story Length: 1