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14  by Katrina

I had the greatest grandmother that anyone could want.  She made delicious food and would make a feast, incorporating all of her grandkids' favorites into one huge meal.  It was like Thanksgiving every day at her house.

When I was three or four, I went to stay with her for a while in her trailer, and she brought out her pet squirrel to show me.  That's right.  A pet squirrel.  I rubbed it and thought it was so cute.  And then I rubbed it the wrong way, and it scratched me.  Grandma took care of me and wiped away my tears as she stuck a bandaid on the scratch.

She's dead now.  And every time I look at the tiny scar on my hand, I remember her.

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Date created: July 22, 2009
Date published: July 22, 2009
Comments: 4
Tags: 30-days-of-descriptions, grandma, hands, project, squirrel
Word Count: 141
Times Read: 829
Story Length: 8
Children Rank: 4.2/5.0 (3 votes)
Descendant Rank: 0.0/5.0 (20 votes)