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"My Mother's Secret"

My Mother's Secret Two  by KatofTroy

A Mother’s Secret II


            Every Sunday we attended church I saw Mother go up for prayer. This man, who is a doctor, was there who greeted Mother warmly each time. At the time it seemed a bit suspect. Now it was time to reveal to my Daddy what Mother’s secret was. Would I tell him what I saw at church on Sunday each week, when he refused to attend with us. Mother invited him each week, told him we needed this. A family that prays together stays together, but he pushed her away saying someone has to work and pay the bills. It wasn’t that Mother didn’t work, she did work. Her money was for whatever I needed and for her pocket. Daddy believed in being the provider. He thought by keeping a roof over our head and food on the table he was doing his part. We went on vacations together, but I believe it was more like work all the time for him. He was organized so much to the point of being meticulous.

            Mother had a different vision for the family. She understood that Daddy grew up on a farm and that affection was one thing that wasn’t displayed openly. So he failed to show it to Mother. She longed for attention and meaningful conversation. She was lonely and I could tell because she held me too tight sometimes. I had trouble making friends because I was teased about being a momma’s boy. When we went to church it seemed like the only place where she belonged. Should I tell Daddy that when he is away a work how Mother throws up blood and is weak most of the time. How I have to do chores and fend for myself because Mother is sick a lot. He just thinks that when he comes home that she just ignores him and is turned off by him.

            I heard her on the phone with her own mother and she says she is not ready to come home and that she would be fine. She will heal, that she has been going to the doctor and is trying to delay treatment as long as possible. Mother found out her sister has cancer too. This made her said and she sobbed. I almost wondered if Daddy really cared. Something like Mother being sick would pull him away from work. I don’t know how well Daddy could handle that. Should I just tell him that people say Mother is seeing the man from church? I was too nervous to think straight. I panicked when he questioned me. I passed out on the floor, before he could get the answer.

            When I came too I could Mother tell Daddy that she was leaving. There were no more words after that. Daddy sat quietly by while she packed some of her things.  She left behind her car, a lot of memories in this fine house, and Me. She had already had this planned. She called a cab she said, but when the car got here it was no cab, it was the Doctor from church. Now I was confused, I didn’t realize that her secret was the Doctor, I thought it was her sickness. Tears filled my eyes and burned my cheeks as I watched her pull out of the drive way, not even looking in my direction. She didn’t even say good-bye.

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Date created: March 17, 2008
Date published: March 17, 2008
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Word Count: 779
Times Read: 448
Story Length: 2
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