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some calls are worth the price (draft)  by JanePaltrow

this is just a test. please do not include.  Apologies for any mix-ups.

Business had pulled Ramit away from his family again. Depressed, and missing them, he tried his wife's cell phone only to get her voicemail. He didn't leave a message. What was there to say? She understood that he was working as a consultant for a few years because it would help them save up the down payment on the new house they wanted. Their kids were growing up and soon the girls would need their own bedrooms before they started the third world war. God knew he and Elizabeth had already gone ten rounds with them over why they had to share a room when their baby brother, James got his own room.

As much as he missed his family, a small, guilty part of him was glad to be away from the sniping when the kids got cranky, and the annoying chores around the house that Liz always found for him when he'd rather just be hanging out with her or playing with the kids.

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Date created: March 30, 2009
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Tags: call-girl, seduction, test
Word Count: 194
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