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"SHORT STORIES for HELL" -> "Cartoon Logic"

Cartoon Logic part 2  by JadeRose

 "Mrs. Taylor, I'm Doctor Hale.  Do you remember why you're here?"  I thought about it for a moment, and shook my head.  I knew my family was murdered, and that I had been up on trial for murdering the men who did it, but there were so many holes in time that I was starting to feel like a piece of swiss cheese.

"They said in court that I murdered people.  The people that killed my family."  Out of the corner of my eye I saw the shapes of my daughters beconing to me.

"That's great you're doing really good today.  Do you know how long you've been here?"  I saw my daughters joined by my husband, and he was giving me that smile that had always made me tingle down to my toes.

"They're here!  They haven't left me behind, I miss you guys so much."  My husband spoke to me in that same deep velvety voice with the Scottish accent that had made me take the blind date so long ago.

"We miss you too babe, but they won't let us stay with you here."

"Mrs. Taylor, who are you talking to right now?"

"My husband, he's right over there with my girls."  I would have gestured, but I was still strapped down to the table.

"There's no one there Mrs. Taylor, it's all in your mind and you know that.  I'm here to try and help you deal with the loss.  The court says that once you've been cured, you're free to go.  They understand that what happened was beyond your control."

"What if I don't want to deal with that loss Doctor Hale?"  I turned blazing eyes on him, and he pushed his chair back away from me.  It made me smile to see him so afraid of a tiny woman strapped to a metal table.  Normally I wouldn't have felt even the tiniest bit of pleasure about it, but nothing in my life was the same anymore.  I really didn't think my husband Ian or the girls would mind much.  I looked over and saw them smiling at me, but they were fainter than before.  The were going to leave me again.  I wanted to reach for them, but they had strapped me down good and tight.  I stretched my fingers, and felt the warmth of Ian's hand in mine, and the little fingers of my girls hands wrapped around my fingers.  I closed my eyes, and let time slip again.


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Date created: April 29, 2009
Date published: April 29, 2009
Comments: 3
Tags: horror, mystery
Word Count: 482
Times Read: 495
Story Length: 1