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A Glimpse of Hell- Chapter 2  by JadeRose

I finally managed to get the other restraint off and was cowering in the corner when the door comes flying into the room.  I can't see them yet, but I can hear them out there breathing in great wet slobbery gasps.  I can hear them scraping, and slithering in the doorway.  I don't know what's still holding them back, but I know that it's not going to last for much longer.

That's where they found me, cowering in the corner and screaming myself hoarse.  When they were strapping me down into another bed, I looked and saw that the door had gone back to normal.  No twists, bulges, or it having been thrown across the room into the wall by my bed.

   "I know it's become a frowned upon practice in this day and age of enlightenment, but I recommend serious shock and drug therapy for this patient.  I want him moved into a heavily padded room and I'll supervise the shock treatments."  The orderlies looked like they wanted to protest, but this was a good job and they made too much money to quit over something that was a hairline illegal practice.

     "As you say Doc, but there's only one place set up for that kind of thing.  That's in the lower basement, and no one's checked the equipment in years."

     "Don't bother me with those details now, just get him down there and get everything ready.  I trust you won't mention any of this to the director."  They shook their heads and wheeled me down the hall to a rickety old elevator. 

They'd talked about the lower basement when I first came in here as a way of trying to keep me in line. To say the least I hadn't worked very well, which is why Dr. Blevins came to the rescue and gave me the Dreamcatcher. 

The elevator dropped sharply and threatened to quit twice before we finally made it to the bottom.  They wheeled me down a hall with dirt crunching under the wheels of the gurney the whole way.  I saw several huge cobwebs with a couple large spiders in them before they turned a corner and put me in a room with a huge old fashioned machine that looked straight out of an old Frankenstein movie.

They strapped my head down, and put a mouthguard in my mouth, then hooked me up to the machine, and left me there to wait for Dr. Stiles.  I heard faint scratching and prayed that he'd get there before the nightmares did. 


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Date created: March 22, 2008
Date published: March 22, 2008
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Word Count: 506
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