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Some Food for Thought  by Jackoalltrades

It has recently plagued my subconcious mind that we have lost something, that we as adults, people, humans, etc. have lost some invaluable piece of ourselves. Once we were the all-powerful all-knowing gods of our domains, never mind the fact that those domains were crafted of sandy mortar and plastic molds. Once we were fearsome air pirates, haunting and hunting the skies for any prey that came to us. Once we were saviors, protecting princesses (or princes?) from a ghastly fate. Once we were young.

It seems to my mind and my eye that we have lost, the majority of us, our ability to imagine, to dream. What happened? As we've grown, have we become more important? More responsible? Or have we become less innocent? Less naive? Has the pain of reality erased the power to find happiness in a new world of the mind's own creation? Or are those who remember that power merely eccentric, or worse, crazy?

It seems that once the world was at our fingertips. We could do anything, BE anything, merely by turning our thoughts in that direction. We did not need expensive electronics and flashing screens to show us something beyond ourselves. We merely had to...adjust our eyes, adjust our thinking. When did we lose this ability?

The world is a dark and terrible place. But it can also be a heaven, if only more people could pierce the shroud of existence and REALLY live. To my mind, we authors who contribute here to StoryMash, and most artists of any kind in general, maintain some small power to pierce the shroud, to find the other worlds. We, like the children we once were, are still innocent and accepting of the power of the otherworldly, the extraordinary, and the unbelievable.

To you, I tip my hat, raise my gauntleted fist, and salute. It is to you, fellow authors, I ask that we help more people regain that innocence to not fear the dark beyond the shroud, to seek out the new with the courage of one who has never been hurt and to grasp beyond reality like one who has never been burned. I raise my sword in honor of you, fellows adventurers/pirates/ninjas/PowerRangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/princes/princesses/imaginers.

If this sentiment rings true to your heart, and to the hearts of all your imagined selves, then I ask you to never stop seeking, never stop imagining, and never stop showing those who only exist how to Live.

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Date created: July 5, 2008
Date published: July 5, 2008
Comments: 7
Word Count: 485
Times Read: 454
Story Length: 1