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Discussion of "The Coming Storm" by Jackoalltrades

1 Cheeseliker 6 years ago Reply

Great addition to give us an overview of the 'event'. It's good to finally have, something that s not just a random tidbit, though those are great as well, something that is an overview of what happened. Great job.

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1 BrianDobbins 6 years ago Reply

I like that you gave us the explanation for everything, and particularly appreciated the historical and literary references. Nice imagery, as well.

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1 RedGreene 6 years ago Reply

Nice narrative. This helps clarify for the readers and the next authors. It also opens up new avenues for writers to explore. Great job.

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1 writerwannabe 6 years ago Reply

Right on the money Jack! This story was nowhere near dying, but your narrative explanation put an extra boost into the imagination, I think! I foresee a swarm of new chapters hitting this thread...lol.

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1 beanpolewatson 6 years ago Reply

Fantastic! Great backstory addition. This world is really starting to get fleshed out. Way to set the rules! I'm loving this storyline.

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1 dogdeity11 6 years ago Reply

Way to keep the ball rolling jackoalltrades. more clarification! Great chapter addition.

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1 honeygloom 6 years ago Reply

Very cool chapter. Definitely had an apocalyptic feel to it. Very nicely done:)

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