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Name's Seth  by Jackoalltrades

"Name's Seth..."

     Shock dropped Jackson into a dark hole of confusion. "Seth?"

     The man named Seth's grin widened even further and he turned to his companion. "Scared him so much he's gone stupid on us Bastian."

     The other man nodded, his face a still mask, the shotgun still aimed pointedly at Jackson's chest.

     The moment of shock wore off and Jackson's brain started working overtime. Stupid idiot, fool. You can follow them, why on earth wouldn't they be able to follow you?

     Something in his demeanor must have changed because Seth lost his grin and Bastian's finger moved to cover the trigger of his shotgun.

     "Now don't try anything smart like you did back at the cabin. Now you know we can follow and find you just as easily as you found me. Nowhere you can hide. Nowhere you can run," said Seth matter-of-factly. "Besides, imagine the fright your dear mama would get if Bastian walked downstairs with that shotgun."

     Seth paused as if to let his message sink in. "Nod if you understand me."

     Jackson nodded, a single quick jerk of his head. All of a sudden Seth was all smiles again, though Bastian still held his finger lightly against the trigger guard. "Excellent. Now tell me about that remarkable ability of yours."

     "What ability?"

     "Come now, don't be coy." Seth sat down on the bed next to Jackson and placed his hand on the back of Jcakson's neck. "That amazing ability to disappear and reappear anywhere you want. Anytime you want."

     Jackson opened his mouth to deny it, but Seth forestalled him with a quick squeeze of his neck. "Before you speak again, you should know that we don't take kindly to being lied to. And you don't much need the ability to walk if you can teleport." Seth's eyes never left Jackson's face, but Jackson almost felt like the shotgun was growing larger in Bastian's hands.

     "What do you want?"

     Seth glanced up at Bastian. "See, I told you he could be reasonable." Turning his grin back on Jackson, Seth leaned in conspiratorialy. "We want what everyone wants: money, power, women, the like."

     "And what am I supposed to do about that?"

     Seth looked over at Bastian, his grin taking on a malicious turn. "That, my young friend, is for me to know and for you to find out."

     Jackson could only stare at Seth. "Seriously?"

     His question seemed to amuse Seth and he smirked. "Seriously seriously."

     Jackson's blank stare seemed to surprise him. "What? You're helping us regardless of whether you appreciate my humor or not," said Seth defensively. "Now you're coming with us so be a good lad and keep your mouth shut."

     Hand still securely gripped on the back of Jackson's neck, Jackson watched Seth's eyes closed and his grin disappear as he concentrated. Can I knock his hand away right before he teleports? Can I teleport somewhere else? Even if I got away, they can still find me and now they know where I live.

     With no viable choices, Jackson didn't try to get away. He felt himself grow lighter, heard the familiar Pop, and inhaled the snow-frosted air surrounding the cabin.

     "Home sweet home," Bastian said gloomily.

     The trio stomped through the snow, Bastian forcing Jackson forward with frequent jabs in his back that were meant to break his concentration if he'd been planning on escaping. Seth led them forward, stomping snow off his boots when he reached the doorway, and entered. "Honey I'm home!" he called.

     A soft, menacing voice answered from behind the door with the click of a pulled hammer. "Good, I was beginning to worry you'd forgotten me."

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Date created: Sept. 10, 2009
Date published: Sept. 11, 2009
Comments: 3
Tags: action, adult, mash, thriller
Word Count: 867
Times Read: 526
Story Length: 5
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