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Discussion of "The Trader Chronicle, 6" by Jackoalltrades

1 dogdeity11 8 years, 6 months ago Reply

I love that you introduced some new characters. You really have a knack for development too. I feel like I am already intimate with Johnsa. And a terrific number two in Lens. You can almost taste a future conflict arising.
If I haven’t said this already, this is a really fine work of fiction so far. I am devouring it like I do when I come across a good book. The collaborative nature of SM sometimes breeds impatience in readers. They want quick action packed chapters. And writers, knowing that they may only get the one chapter to get their point across, deliver short action packed chapters. What lacks sometimes is the development of characters and storylines. It’s refreshing to see that you have taken the time here.
I have to admit though…I am getting nervous! There are only three chapters left. I doubt you are going to wrap it up that quickly…in fact, I hope not. It wouldn’t feel right based on the nice flow you have created so far. So when I finish I will most likely have to hound you daily to continue it on.
I voted a five.

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