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Renaissance: Showers – Day Ninety-two, 7:05am  by JD_Renaissance

The pain disappeared almost immediately. Renni stood in the tub and put the rod back into her bag. The Mongerers again slammed into the door. She stared at it. Why didn’t they use the doorknob? She then remembered she’d locked the door. They’d already tried opening it, probably while she was sleeping. The thought didn’t comfort her.


Renni looked around frantically as she shed the borrowed clothes. Above her she saw a small vent. Too small. Another crash hit the door. The door frame splintered but didn’t give in all the way. She searched again, growing frantic. The buzzing changed. She stared at the door. Something else, some other sound, rose up from outside. Renni dug through her bag and pulled out two metal dowels. When she’d found them, she remembered how useful the tire iron had been against the Mongerers. Though they were slightly heavy, she kept them anyway. Now, as she set her bag on the ground, she felt eternally grateful she’d not tossed them in her wandering.


The other sound grew louder, drowning out the buzzing Mongerers. Renni dropped her makeshift weapons and covered her ears to shut out the high-pitched whine. It came from above, from outside the hotel. The building shook violently. She dove back into the tub as a piece of the ceiling caved in near the sink. Grabbing a blanket, she covered herself as best as she could. Another piece of ceiling fell, nearly missing her. Then, as suddenly as it had come, the shaking ceased. The painful sound ebbed until it became a far off hum.


Renni shook uncontrollably, her hands tightly clenching the blanket. She no longer heard buzzing outside. She heard silence. Eerie silence. Moments later she crawled out of the tub. In one hand she grabbed one of her weapons. In the other, she pulled out her mirror from her bag. Laying down next to the door, she angled the mirror so she could see outside the bathroom. No Mongerers.

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  'Renaissance: Showers – Day Ninety-two, 7:05am' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: Oct. 6, 2009
Date published: Oct. 6, 2009
Comments: 8
Tags: post-apocalyptic, rebirth, renaissance, science-fiction
Word Count: 656
Times Read: 596
Story Length: 38
Children Rank: 4.4/5.0 (7 votes)
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