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Renaissance: Sinking  by JD_Renaissance

With the departure of the two transports, chaos reigned on board the Arks. What had been designed as a rescue mission turned into the final fuel, the final straw, and all hell broke loose.


Idle hands and minds are easily manipulated. Men turned against Harbinger and other men. Some still believed in the purpose of the Harbingers, few that they were. Others felt they had lost their freedom, even going so far as to believe the Harbingers and the Mongerers were in cahoots. Many factions formed, each with their own views and agendas and reasons for mutiny. Fights broke out, some so violent they put prison riots to shame. And yet, through it all, the Harbingers remained patient, always caring for their charges like loving parents caring for their rebellious children.


With each passing day, the violence on the Arks grew until at last they reached a climax. In one great bout of rage and horror, an entire ship succumbed to destruction and the millions on board, Harbinger and human alike, perished.


Quiet followed the storm and an unsteady truce came between the warring factions on board the ships. People, ill at ease with their neighbors, settled down in their own areas of the ships, bitterness festering but un-acted upon. Life became strained. Supplies and energy had been depleted in the bouts and rations were counted out.


Though their own actions had cost them the luxuries that were once so forthcoming, men blamed the Harbingers for the shortages. More and more resentment grew, this time working slowly, quietly. People bided their time, waiting for the prime opportunity to strike. The opportunity would come soon, as the Arks made their steady way closer and closer towards a new world.


And all the while, oblivious to the happenings on board the Arks, two transports labored in harmony, moving with as much speed as possible towards one singular purpose. Salvation.

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  'Renaissance: Sinking' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: Nov. 19, 2009
Date published: Nov. 19, 2009
Comments: 4
Tags: post-apocalyptic, rebirth, renaissance, science-fiction
Word Count: 697
Times Read: 581
Story Length: 14
Children Rank: 4.5/5.0 (7 votes)
Descendant Rank: 0.0/5.0 (78 votes)