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I'm a human too  by Immer_Schreiben

I'm a feminist, a friend, a lover and nerd
I want to write or learn acting, to have my voice heard 
I love friends and nature and not being alone
I hop when I'm bored and shimmy when known
I love fantasy and Disney, good kids' movies galore
I love positivity and hearing rain pour

I love bookstores, cafes, the two together combined, 
for there's knowledge and murmurs and the workers are kind
I reach out and cave in and weep and feel joy
I clap and I hit and know the story of Troy
I love badass and good and music and rest
I love acceptance, real beauty and long necklaces

I love weirdness and holidays and those who "just do it"
I love candles, walking barefoot and nights that are moonlit
I take German and Foods and often shout WHOO! 
I sometimes dance, and I've rowed a canoe

I love a dress being pretty, fun and flowy 
I love my hair being big and poofy and curly
I'd like to ride horses and I ask you 'sup
I look for excuses for me to dress up
I fail and win and sometimes I'm angered
I doubt and wonder and I wish to be remembered
I'm European and crazy and often last-minute 
I get nervous, confused, and sometimes I quit
I love pirates and fairytales and jokes and romance
I love fairies and mermaids and meetings of chance

I love teasing and questioning, and watching the stars
I love quiet and calmness and spiraled stairways
I love when they look, attempt to hide their gaze
I hate pain and I'm clumsy, but love the bruises and scars,
for they all tell a story and how far you have come

I read and I want and I feel and I greed 
I hug and desire to touch and I need
I love being clean and lotion that sparkles
I want to travel, visit fancy castles
I'm selfish and not and experiment with styles
I long for equity and adventure, for the world to smile

I love theme parks, their coasters and childhood characters
I love waiting in December for reindeer and their antlers
I love Netflix and Youtube, cool accents and oceans
I love animals and petting and want to swim with the dolphins
I think, I believe, I whisper, exclaim
I breathe, my heart beats, I love and feel pain

I'm shy and I'm curious and easily excited
I love feeling the breeze and my skirt being pleated
I want gadgets and space travel, I believe in Martians
I save life but hate bugs, at times a contradiction
I read and I want and I feel and I greed 
I hug and desire to touch and I need
I love flowers and butterflies and Egypt and lace
I love movies and having a picture to trace
I love history and learning and mythology, true
I love life and loving and happiness to
I'm a hugger, a reader, an addict of affection
I'm a fan, a writer, a dreamer, and I'm human

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Date created: Oct. 17, 2010
Date published: Oct. 17, 2010
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Tags: am, human, i, love, poem
Word Count: 639
Times Read: 310
Story Length: 1