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"Fate Exists"

Demon in the dreams  by Hudson1

" Demon in the Dreams

Mark hudson

do you know who I am?' the man said.

" No I don't." I replied.

" I'm Doctor VanDerdoff, your psychiatrist. we've noticed you haven't been taking your medication. I've got some pills for you."

" But i don't want to take them!" i screamed.

" didn't you say Weezle came back?'

" he's been coming into my dreams, but i still don't want to take your medication! you frwak me out, Doc! you follow me everywhere! i can't have a social life without you intervening! one time, i was kissing my girlfriend, and there you were with a straightjacket, saying it's time to go in the hospital! Youi've ruined my life! i'm not scared of the demon in my dreams! the demon in my dreams is you!'

" now just take this hal-dol..."

" I'm on a bus, going to school! i'm an honor-roll student! can you quit messing with my brain chemistry?'

" You have an illness. do you want the demons to keep appearing in your dreams?'

" Better than dealing with you, jerk!" i gave him an uppercut. he fell to the ground and his bottles of medication spilled all over the bus floor as we took a sharp turn. the bus driver got on his walkie-ttalkie to notify police.

" let me out! i screamed! let me off this bus!'

But the bus driver stopped the bus till the ambulance arrived. I was going into the hospital again!'

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  'Demon in the dreams' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: Aug. 12, 2010
Date published: Aug. 12, 2010
Comments: 0
Tags: horror, psychological, science-fiction
Word Count: 284
Times Read: 410
Story Length: 1